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  1. Default Trip from NY to LA departure 3/25/09 Need help to choose best route.

    I am planing a road trip from NY to LA. I did this trip 10 times already and looking for a nicest scenic road to amaze my senses and show my grandpa the beauty of this country,this is his first cross country trip ever. I have traveled around 35-40 states and took grandpa once to Grand Canyon. ( Have about 10-14 days for this trip). Before I drove on HWY'S #90,80,70,40,15.... I have Chevy Tahoe 2x4 (rear wd). By looking at the map, the HWY 94/90 from Chicago to Seattle and then #5 to San Francisco, then #1 over the ocean looks good. I don't really know how are the conditions on the roads at North US, and if there anything to see there this time of the year? Even thou I traveled many places before, it might be a good a good idea to repeat some of the roads in order to amaze my grandpa, he is 83 years old. I am professional driver, but the safer the road the better :) Please help me with any suggestions. Thank you, appreciate your time and help.

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    I think I would avoid your current plan to go all the way to Seattle first for a couple reasons. First, considering the age of your grandpa, I think I'd want to try and keep the length of the driving days down to a minimum. You could probably cover the miles to Seattle and down in 2 weeks, it really does increase your mileage by about 50% (1500 miles).

    Second, at least a couple of the things you'd probably want to see along that route, most notably Yellowstone or Glacier NPs, are still in winter mode, so you would be pretty limited in how much of those areas you could see.

    Personally, I would instead focus more on I-70, which will be a more direct route, but still takes you through some very interesting areas, and some incredably scenic areas through Colorado and Utah.

    Of course, that is just one option of an infinite number of possibilities, and with the time you've got, you might find that sticking to a 2 lane route (perhaps US-50 or the Lincoln Highway) would be more fitting with the kind of trip you have in mind.

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    I would avoid I-80 in Iowa... pretty rough in spots and tends to be the (congested) Chicago link to the west coast for commercial vehicles.

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