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    We are taking Rt. 15 all the way down PA. I am looking for any suggestions for road food or even worthwhile (non-food) sites/must see places on the way. We like the old fashioned eatery, diner, type places. Anything regional that we can't get back home. We are going in mid May.


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    I used to live in Ithaca and visited family in Washington fairly often, using US-15. It is a very nice drive and I think you'll enjoy it. For places to see en route, have a look at Letchworth State Park which is not too far southwest of Buffalo, and Watkins Glen State Park which is a bit out of your way but worth it since you have a little time to spare if you plan on taking a day for the drive down. There were a couple of diners down on US-15 between Selinsgrove and Harrisburg that would probably fit your bill, but I can't remember exactly where, and the road has been upgraded and possibly realigned since last I drove it, but they do exist and will be obvious if they haven't moved the right-of-way too far.


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