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  1. Default From Las Vegas to Yosemite in a day


    We will be travelling from Las Vegas to Yosemite National Park at the end of April.
    What is the best route to take?
    Should we go through Death Valley and if yes what is the route and how many hours is it about?


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    Default Not an option

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums.

    The popular route through Death valley and over the Tioga pass [120] is a no go I am sorry to say as the Tioga will still be closed due to snow.
    This means you will have to head to Bakersfield around the Southern end of the Sierra's and up through Fresno. This is approaching a nine hour drive with short stops for lunch etc and to detour across Death valley would probably add 3 to 4 hours to that. If you can build it into your itineray I would definitely recommend DV but with an overnight stop.

  3. Default Directions

    Thanks for the reply.

    If I do want the detour to DV then how should I look for the directions in Google maps.
    Must i enter the following:
    destination 1: Las Vegas
    destination 2: Death Valley
    destination 3: Bakersfield
    destination 4: Yosemite National Park

    Will I be entering Yosemite from the south entrance?


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    Default Here you go.

    Depending on your mapping program you can sometimes click and drag on your route to put in your own diversions, but if not your route would be the 160 from Vegas to Pahrump and the Ash meadows/State line road to Death Valley junction* and then the 190 to Olancha* then 395 and 58 to Bakersfield* and then 99/41 to Yosemite*.
    The * marked places will take you the main route. I would like to point out that mapping times are over optimistic and driving through places like Death valley will take up time. The mapping program also doesn't allow any time for gas,food or bio breaks, never mind sight seeing.

    Will I be entering Yosemite from the south entrance?
    Yes, you will if you go up through Oakhurst.

  5. Default Las Vegas to Yosemite and Bodie Ghost town


    I was just told about the ghost town Bodie.
    I was wondering if it is possible to see it during my trip from Vegas to Yosemite at the end of April?
    Is there a change the road will be closed?
    What road do I need?

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    Default Not Really

    Bodie is north of Mono Lake, and during the summer it would be possible to make a quick stop there on your way from Las Vegas to Yosemite and still complete the drive in a day. However, that would require that you use CA-120 over Tioga Pass, the most direct route from Lee Vining to Yosemite. But Tioga Pass is usually snow-bound well into May, so that you'd have to go well around the Sierra Nevada to get to Yosemite, depending on what passes/roads were open. Your best bet in your case is to just bite the bullet and just go south around the mountains from the outset, going from Las Vegas through Bakersfield and then north to enter Yosemite from the west.


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    I think Death valley is an interesting place with a lot of things to see. April will be a great time to go there as it will not yet be hot. I would go that way and plan to spend the night at Stove Pipe Wells and go on to Yosemite the next day, that is, if you have the time.

    Be sure to check if Tioga pass is open before you give up. You just never know. The Yosemite website keeps an advisory on the status.

    Go 95 north out of Vegas. Turn onto 373 at Amargosa Valley. turn onto 190 at Death Valley Junction. It will lead you through the park, and to 395 at Olancha. Then south on 395 to 58 then to Bakersfield if the pass is closed.

    The falls at Yosemite should be roaring at the end of April. : )

    be safe,


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    The Tioga has only been opened in April *once* since 1980 - and that was in 1988 on April 29. It has even been opened as late as July 1 (1998).

    95/373 is the long way in - 160 to Pahrump then Ash Meadows Rd. is a lot more direct.

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