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    Taking an RV trip early in April from St. Louis, MO. to the Grand Canyon State park in AZ. Renting an RV and taking 4-5 people depending on who can get free. Taking my son as well. 1st time using an RV, traveled on a tour bus for 7 years, so I have some idea but I am sure there are differences. Any advice on where to stay, where to go, things to do would help alot. As well as things I need to take I am not thinking about...or were to find them on this site. Thanks in advance for the help!
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    Hello and welcome to R.T.A.

    First off, you don't mention how long you have for this trip and secondly what the interests of the group are. With 5 or 6 of you going it is important to find that out prior to leaving as you will all be going to the same place, so you need to find some common ground.
    An RV is pretty straight forward to operate once you have adapted to the size of it. You can either take your own bedding and kitchen kits [pots and pans, plates etc, or hire them from the rental company. They will give you a full run down of how things work which is a lot more straight forward then when you read the booklets.
    As for where to stay, well it's hard to beat the National Park campgrounds if you are happy to be in natural surroundings and don't want the extras a resort can offer,such as a bar,swimming pools etc.
    Mather campground within the South rim of GC is well situated and has shower/toilet blocks which will be handy with 6 of you trying to get ready in the morning, as has many of the parks sites. Most also have dump stations where you can empty your waste water and fill with fresh.
    I would allow at least 3 days to travel from St Louis to GC by way of I-44/40 or time permitting head by Kansas and through Garden city into Colorado on US 50 and taking SR10/US160. This would take you close to places such as Great sand dunes NP, Chimney rock, Mesa Verde and Monument valley on your way
    Again, time permitting you could head further North from the GC and visit some of Utahs NP's such as Zion and Bryce canyon, Capitol Reef and Arches before heading out through Denver.

    Have a good look around the forums and road trip planning pages, get the map out with your group and start to decide on what and where you want to see. When you have done so feel free to post your itinerary here and we can offer help and suggestions as to what may or may not work.

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