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    Hello All,
    My boyfriend and I are planning a roadtrip from San Francisco to Denver and back this summer (June probably). We have only done West Coast trips in the past so we are new to the non-coastal road trip highways.

    We will probably have 7-10 days to do this, and would like to see as much as possible.

    We are looking for 2 different routes for there and back, and we are looking for suggestions as to good routes (not to long, but prefrebly scenic), sites to see, places to stay, etc.

    We are 27 and 30 with no children, and need budget friendly suggestions (who doesnt there days?).

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hello and welcome to R.T.A.

    There are so many options, not only is it hard to go wrong, it's hard to know where to start. Most important is what is of interest to you and it would be a good idea to get a map out and do a little research on places that look interesting and build your trip from there. Once you have an outline itinerary we can go over it with you and help to "fine tune" it.

    Also 7-10 days is quite a big difference on a trip this size and if you can get the 10 [or more] it will make it more comfy and relaxed. With over 2500 miles by the time you have done some diversions you would have to cover over 350 miles a day with just 7 days to cover the distance, plus any sight seeing it will certainly keep you on the go.

    You could take I-80 through Salt lake as a quick way to get to Denver and then work your way home along I-70 and down into Utah visiting parks such as Arches, Capitol reef, Bryce Canyon and Zion, even the Grand canyon. You could head across Death valley to Yosemite on the way back to SF. But that is only scratching the surface as there is Rocky NP and many other options in Colorado and so on.

    Are you based in SF or could this be one way trip and fly out of Denver?

    Have a look around and let us know as you have more questions.

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    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the info. We dont really know where to start, so this is a part of the mapping!

    No, we cant do more than 7-10 days (and 10 is pushing it).... unless you can get my boss to pay me for extra vacation time!

    We live just outside of SF, and we opted for a roadtrip rather than flying so we can see more rather than just the COlorado area. This is aloso the reason why we want to do 2 different routes ther and back. I heard I-50 (i think) is a good road too to take.

    I like the idea of passing through parks since we are pretty outdoorsy and dont mind a little camping alopng the way.


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