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Thread: LA to new york!

  1. Default LA to new york!

    Hi everyone.

    Im currently planning this trip for about summertime next year with 3 other friends. I came a cross this forum thankfully and am just looking for some advice and possibly get an idea on good routes to take

    Ive found that its gonna cost about 1000 quid each to get out to la, the flight back from new york and to rent 2 cars + visas travel insurance and other things and our budget is about $1500 dollars once we are out there. So my first question is that enough? (I hope so!)

    Im thinking at the mo to start in LA and head north to colorado the down to tennessee then back north to new york to finish the journey but am also thinking about going south from LA through the gran canyon and through the southern states instead, but we dont want to hit to many "Dry" states.

    So if anyone could tell me if we got enough time to do this, enough money or suggest any routes it would be very helpful.

    Thanks a lot.


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    Default So many options

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums.

    So if anyone could tell me if we got enough time to do this, enough money or suggest any routes it would be very helpful.
    As with your budget, we will need to know how long "enough time" is, as you haven't mentioned the amount of time you intend on being in the States for.

    I would also ask why you would rent 2 cars for the 4 of you if the budget is an issue. You will have 2 lots of fuel, rental and one way drop off fee charges. If you are under 25 you will also get hit with a young drivers surcharge.

    I would recommend you find a good map of the US [local bookstores, WH smith etc] and have a good look around the forums and road trip planning pages and start making note of places that appeal to you. When you have the dots in place we can help you join them up and fill in the missing pieces.

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    A full size sedan (Chevy Impala, Nissan Altima, Dodge Charger or similar, 4 or 6 cylinder engine) should have enough room for 4 people and luggage, a SUV (GMC Acadia, Dodge Journey or similar, 5 passenger, 6 cylinder engine) or large SUV (Chevy Tahoe, Ford Expedition or similar, 7 passenger, V-8 engine) would be even better but will get worse gas mileage and cost more to rent. Renting 2 economy cars will cost more by the time you get done.

  4. Default

    Oh sorry forgot to say that its going to be for 2 weeks is that enough time?
    and is $1500 dollars enough for the trip realistically

    We know it would be cheaper to hire one car, but me and another friend both want to drive our own cars. I have checked out how much car rental will be and although we are both under 25 but we can afford it.

    Maybe we will change our plans but thats the idea at the moment.

    Thanks for the replies.


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    Default Quite a Bit Short

    Well, to be honest, if the $1,500 is for all four of you for two weeks, you're going to be hard pressed indeed. Motel rooms alone will eat up almost all of that. It won't, for example, get you two rooms, so it's going to be all 4 of you in one room night after night after night after.... Even if you managed to find a $50 motel room each night (not really likely), you'd be trying to feed yourselves on significantly less than $5 a day after you took out even a modicum for gas, entrance fees, etc. In short $1,500 is not going to make it.


  6. Default

    Sorry I keep missing stuff out, I meant $1500 dollars each.

    I dont think we will be stopping in one place for more than a day, and we are more than happy to camp.

    Thanks for the responses only wish my questions had been a bit more clear.
    This forum is great ive found loads of help and tips.


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    Default Time to sit down with your mates.

    Hi Adam,

    This forum is great ive found loads of help and tips.
    Yes it's full of great info and don't forget to look in the roadtrip planning pages, you can find them in the green tool bar at the top of the page.

    With $100 a day your budget should be fine, I say fine as it can easily take a hit with a couple of "party nights". Lol !

    I think your next step is to sit down with your mates, open a map and start agreeing on a route that includes places of interest to you and start joining the dots together. When you have a clearer picture post up an outline plan and we can help you piece it together.

    I wouldn't pay to much attention to travel times on a mapping program when they tell you can cover a million miles in 16 hours, they generally presume you will be on the speed limit from the start to the end of your trip and have no requirements for food, gas or even sleep [never mind sight seeing]
    In general we reckon on an average of 57 mph on main routes between A and B with time for short breaks. We also think that 500-550 miles is getting close to the limit of what is comfortable in one day which will put you behind the wheel for 9-10 hours. Of course this doesn't include taking detours into NP'S and city's etc.

    Let us know when you have more questions.

  8. Default Car hire, La to NY

    Hi, me and my friends are planning a roadtrip next may from LA to New york. Im doing the planning but I cant seem to find anyway around the one way rental charge which is $500 on almost all the rental sites because its "1000+ miles".

    There are four of us (3 under 25), and we will be renting two cars so $250 each pushes me over our planned budget really.

    We are really set on having two cars so only a last resort will we have one car between us.

    I basically want to know if there is anyway around the charge at all, I dont mind paying "a" charge but not that much if I can help it.

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    Default a lear jet for the price of a buick?

    Sorry, but when you've got a plan where you want to do something that's about the most expensive way to do something, there just is really not going to be a good way to do it cheaply.

    2 cars for 4 people seems kind of excessive, but if you want that level of excess, its going to cost a lot of money. One way fees are standard in the rental industry (eventually, they have to pay to move the car back to the original location) and $500 for a cross country rental is a very reasonable fee. Often times it is much more than that.

    Also remember, that the extra car is likely going to cost you nearly $500 more just for fuel.

    On top of that, you also need to remember that because 3 drivers are under 25, that means you'll be paying a major fee for each of those extra under age drivers (at least $25 per person is standard).

    If you rented one car, and could make do with just the 25 year old driving, your overall rental fee will likely be a fraction of your current plan.

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    Default Reality

    The fact is that you are facing two of the heftiet surcharges there are: a one-way rental and underage drivers. There is a very minor possibility that you can find a company that will forego the one-way drop off fee, and an even lower probability of finding a company that will forego the underage (less than 25 years old) driver fee, but practically zero chance that you will find a company willing to forego both fees on both cars. Unless you are willing to have your one 'adult' do all the driving, then you should be prepared to pay the price. Don't for a second assume that you can sign up the one driver and then sneak other people behind the wheel. The fact is that it costs serious money to get the car back to its original pick-up point and it is a fact that drivers younger than 25 have a far greater frequency of accidents. The rental companies know this, and that you're looking for someway 'around' these facts proves their point.


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