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    Default Edmonton, Alberta to Anaheim, California and back!

    Hi there!
    My boyfriend and I spent most weekends of summer '08 travelling around Alberta, but we decided that this summer we want to go on a big road trip! We are both 19, love the outdoors and excitement and love any kind of fun. So we are going for 23 days, May 16-June 7. Starting from Edmonton, Alberta, down to Anaheim where we will be staying for 12 days. We are going to explore the popular areas like Disneyland, Los Angeles, San Diego, etc. Then we are travelling to San Francisco and staying there for one night. Then off to North Bend, Oregon to camp for 2 nights in the dunes and ride quads on the dunes. Next, we head into Canada to stay in Vancouver for 3 nights with family, then Summerland for one night, and then Radium Hot springs for one night and back home we go.

    We have booked our hotels, done a lot of research, and determined our budget and how much we need to save.

    I was just wondering if anyone has any more advice towards money saving tips, ways to eat and be healthy on a road trip, and any problems we might run into. Also, what is california like at the end of may, and if there are any really special, unique places that anyone knows of it would be great to hear from you :)

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    Default Money Saving Basics

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    A couple of our regulars wrote an article a while back on traveling cheaply. That's as good a place as any to get some money saving ideas. Since you love the outdoors, camping will save you quite a bit off the top. Surprisingly, the area around Disneyland is another place to save a bit as there are many motels that cater to families visiting the park and the competition helps keep prices down. Just do some comparison shopping beforehand and check around for coupons. Even now, with most of your reservations made, if you find something cheaper, you can usually cancel without penalty if you give a day or two notice.

    And yes, you'll encounter some problems on a trip of this length and duration, but what they'll be no body can say. Just go with the flow, deal with them as best you can at the time, and chalk them up as being part of the adventure of travel. You've got plenty of time for this, so don't be afraid to go off the main road on occasion and poke around the smaller venues, or to follow your nose when you see something that appeals to you


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