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  1. Default First Big Roadtrip - Saskatchewan to California!

    Hi everyone!

    A friend and I are looking to travel from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and than to San Francisco at the end of August.
    We have about 2 weeks to make this trip so the plan initially was to rent a car in Saskatoon and make the trip through Vegas and LA to San Francisco and than fly home from there.

    Problem is I can not seem to find a car rental agency that will allow a one way trip from Saskatoon to San Francisco. I found some information that made it seem like you can not cross the border from Canada with a rental?! Does anyone know if this is accurate? and if it is not, does anyone know of a car rental agency that will allow this? It would allow us for much more time to do site seeing around the states.

    I could really use the help. I really hope this works out.


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    It's not that you can't drive a rental car into the states; it's just that the rental car companies don't want their vehicle dropped off in another city/country.

    You may be thinking of the law that states that if you’re a Canadian resident, Canadian Customs regulations prohibit you from entering Canada with a U.S.registered car.

    It' s rare to find the one-way option from Canada to the US -- I've only ever seen it for pick up in Vancouver and drop off in Seattle. The only thing you might try, and it would be a pain, is to try and rent from Saskatoon to Vancouver, rent from Vancouver to Seattle and then rent from Seattle to Las Vegas and then (if allowed) drop off in San Francisco, or rent from Las Vegas to drop of in San Francisco.

    Or, if available, take a train to somewhere in the US and rent from there.

    Good Luck with your trip!

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    Rent in Saskatoon, drop off in Vancouver, take the bus to Seattle, rent again in Seattle, drop off in San Francisco.

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    Default Return flight.

    Hello Meagan and welcome to R.T.A.

    As previously stated it will be the one way drop off that is the problem. Other than that which has already been suggested your other option would be to fly into one of the city's you have mentioned and back, either out of another mentioned, or just use one city and do a loop,say S/F to S/F.
    A popular route would be SF> Yosemite>Death valley>Vegas>Grand Canyon>LA and fly out from there or take the coastal highway back to SF.

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