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    Hi! I would like to plan a road trip from Middle Tennessee to Maine for this summer. We would like to travel up the east coast and instead of staying in hotels we would like to camp. Can someone give us advice as to where to stop and what to see along the east coast? camp grounds? attractions? etc.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Certainly this is a trip you could do, and camping shouldn't be a problem at all. There will be plenty of camping options throughout the length of your trip. What I would recommend doing -and what I do myself on these kinds of trips- is simply pull out your map and take a look at the places where you'll be traveling. Every good map is going to also have state parks and other camping facilities marked clearly (usually with a green triangle symbol), while these won't be your only camping options, it will give you and idea of some places you can camp in the areas where you want to spend time.

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    Thanks for the welcome and advice!
    Would you take the interstate or a route? I believe route 1 takes you all the way up the east coast.

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    US-1 does indeed take you all the way up the east coast, through nearly every large and medium sized city and through thousands of traffic lights and stop signs. While it an historic route, it is hardly suitable for a long interstate drive. I used to live just a few blocks off US-1 in both New Hampshire and Maine and I wouldn't even use if for my local commute. I-95 runs pretty much parallel to US-1 and is faster, but is not a scenic route by any means. If you want a more scenic route and to camp along the way, I'd suggest that you look at taking I-81 all the way up to near Scranton and then I-84 into New England. You can then get your fill of coast in southeastern Connecticut, Rhode Island, Cape Cod and Maine. There are even a few spots in there where US-1 is tolerable. If you are bound and determined to see the 'east coast', then you'll want to use I-95 to get on down the road, and local roads to get to specific sights and locations.


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    Default The "coast route"

    Hello peace,

    Of course you should spend some time perusing highway maps for symbols related to state and local parks and such. That exercise will also demonstrate how far I-95 and US 1 are from the coast, or even how far they are from the Chesapeake Bay.

    If it's coast and camping which pleases you most, consider this as a starting point:

    I-40 to Greensboro, NC. US 29 to Danville, VA. US 58 to Clarksville, VA, a delightful little town right on Kerr Lake. Camp overnight at Occonneechi State Park, on the lake, or at any of the other many campgrounds on the lake and close to US 58.

    Thence US 58 east to the Tidewater section of SE Virginia. Take any combination of I-64 and I-264 to US 13 north. Cross the mouth of the Bay on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (CBBT). There is a large visitor-oriented parking area on one of the artificial islands 3 miles out into the Bay and adjacent to the main shipping channel. It would be a bit unusual to spend an hour there without large Navy or commercial ships passing within 150 yards of your parking spot. A cafe, gift shop, and a long pier are there for you, too.

    At the far side of the CBBT you enter the Delmarva Peninsula. Campgrounds on the Peninsula include Kiptopeake SP, at the southern end, and any number of campgrounds up at Chincoteague/Assateague. It's a scenic ride through truck farming country with a smattering of fishing villages on either side of the highway (within a few miles east or west). You can take a day trip (via passenger ferry) out to tiny Tangier Island, a crabber's port out in the middle of the Bay. Chincoteague Island and the adjacent Assateague Nat Seashore are near the VA-MD line. Beware of crowds in late July (?) at which time the annual pony roundup and auction takes place, and for that matter Chincoteague is fairly crowded most any summer weekend.

    From there, keep by the coast to Lewes, DE (pronounced LEW-ess). After booking reservations ahead of time, take the Lewes-Cape May Ferry across the mouth of the Delaware River.

    From Cape May, NJ follow whatever route past or through Gotham City which pleases you most or bothers you the least.

    Oh, and in Maine, be sure to see Boothbay Harbor and Camden, and a drive out to Deer Isle, near Blue Hill and the Acadia NP will take you to Stonington, a very cool little town.

    Have fun planning and taking your trip!


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    thanks so much azbuck and foy for the great detailed info.
    do you know anything about Acadia National Park?
    I have never planned a road trip before so this is all new to me.

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    Default One of the best guide books ever written about Acadia

    Quote Originally Posted by peaceandlove14 View Post
    do you know anything about Acadia National Park?
    Acadia is a great park -- here is a review of one of the best guides books I've ever seen about this region. (Great photos on the link too!)


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