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    Hi everyone,

    This is my first time taking a road trip. I am planning a trip with my friend during our spring break from Boston, so it will be about a week long. We are two twenty year old women, we like adventure and trying new things. Basically we just want to take a week long trip and have fun, see different places, and meet new people. We don't want to spend too much money if possible.
    Any suggestions about where would a good destination be, or things that we could do? We were thinking about driving down to Virginia, we aren't sure how realistic it is to go further than that and back in a week.

    Thank you!

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    Default a starting point

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You forgot to mention where you are starting this trip from. We're going to need that information to even get started helping you. If you have any other information on the kinds of things you are hoping to see and do, or any places you've come up with so far, that would also help us help you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by norsoc07 View Post
    This is my first time taking a road trip. I am planning a trip with my friend during our spring break from Boston,
    I think she is starting from Boston.

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    yes, boston is the starting point. we were thinking about staying in virginia beach for a couple days and my friend wants to visit her grandmother in elizabethton, TN. On the way back, I want to stop in D.C to see my friend and maybe stay one night there. That is about all we have planned.

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    Default You'll Have to Keep Moving, But...

    ...You can make a great RoadTrip out of the places you want to get to. On your way south, head down the Garden State Parkway to Cape May. There will be plenty of opportunities both here and later to take a short side trip to a beach or even a little 'try your luck' in Atlantic City. At the end of the Parkway, take the Cape May-Lewes Ferry over to Delaware. Reservations are highly recommended during the summer, but making one will perhaps also force you to keep on schedule because you've still got a ways to go. From Lewes continue south along the shore with visits to either Assateague or Chincoteague Islands and then take the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel over to Virginia Beach. Next up is US-58/I-95/I-40/US-421/US-321 across southern Virginia and northern North Carolina to Elizabethton. At a comfortable pace and taking some time out to explore some of the small towns on the way, this will be a full day's drive, but if you leave Virginia Beach at a reasonable hour in the morning, you'll be able to finish up well before dark, maybe even in time for dinner. Depending on how much time you have left when you depart Elizabethton and how much time you want to spend in Washington, you can either take the scenic, but slow, Blue Ridge Parkway or the faster, but still mildly scenic I-81 up to Front Royal, VA and I-66 into DC. Then, of course you just follow I-95 (hardly the Yellow Brick Road) back to Boston. Total mileage for this is a shade under 2,000 with a little leeway for side trips. Over 7 days, that means you'll have to keep up a pace of about 300 miles a day, so keep your eye on the odometer and calendar.


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    Default VB to TN segment

    Hello norsco07,

    The entire Virginia Beach (VB) to Elizabethton, TN (pronounced eliza-BETH-tun) is very much my stomping grounds/territory. I live in Raleigh, NC and visit Boone, NC and VB regularly.

    I agree that allowing a full day for this segment is wise, but I respectfully disagree on part of the the routing:

    If you're headed west/southwest on I-85, there's no need to go south on I-95 all the way down to I-40, thence way back to the northwest, and through Raleigh/Research Triangle Park, to get back to I-85. Instead, you'd remain straight (west) on US 58 across I-95 at Emporia, VA and keep US 58 to South Hill, VA, just 37 miles farther on a 4 lane highway, and there pick up I-85 south. I-85 then takes you to Greensboro, NC where you pick up a short section of I-40 to Winston-Salem, thence US 421 to Boone. FYI, the entire trip from VB to Boone is 4 lane highways, much of either Interstate or Interstate-grade. You may also consider staying on US 58 to Danville, VA, thence US 29 south to Greensboro and I-85. This avoids some congestion around Durham, NC and a seemingly perpetual construction zone on I-85 north of there. Also FYI, the area along US 58 near Emporia is a WORLD CLASS speed trap. The Town of Emporia budgets nearly $1 million each year from speeding fines--and they get it. I wouldn't run over 3-4 mph over the posted limit all the way from VB to South Hill.

    Then, I also suggest a different route to end your trip. The segment of US 321 from Boone, NC to Elizabethton, TN is terrible (extremely curvy and likely not to allow traveling speeds much above 35-40 mph). Ditto, times 2, US 421 from Boone to the Bristol, TN area. The much-preferred route is: from US 421 at Boone, take NC 105 bypass, thence NC 105 south to Linville. Turn R on US 221 for a short distance, thence straight on NC 181 to Newland. At Newland, take NC 194 to Cranberry/Elk Park. There, take US 19E into TN, through Roan Mountain, and on into Elizabethton.

    On a good day, this route from Boone is some 45 minutes to an hour faster than either US 321 or 421. In the late afternoon on a weekday, when the school buses are out, it can be an hour or more faster. Nice scenery, too, passing by Grandfather Mountain, Beech Mountain, and the Unaka Highlands.


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