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  1. Default Has anyone been to dogwood, Illonois?

    Hi, Just curious, I am in Australia and am hoping to oneday do a road trip accross/ around the US. For obscure reasons I would like to go to Dogwood, Illonois. Is there anything of interest there? would be with wife and two boys (young and adventurous!)

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    Have you 'googled' it?

    Lifey in Melbourne

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    Yeah, I have googled it, it is near a place called oblong but I have not been able to see photo's of Dogwood. I would appreciate any information/photo's on this place. I guess we would plan our travels to take in Chicago. It looks like an intersting part of the states.



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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Dogwood is little more than a crossroads from what I can determine, so I'd be surprised if you could find any information on or photos of it prior to actually getting there. For similarly obscure reasons, I dragged my wife to a small town(?) just north of there some years back. It turned out to be a ghost town, but I got great pictures of myself there and at the cemetery sign. Adventure and exploring the unknown are large drivers for any RoadTrip, so don't let the fact that you cant get any a priori info stop you from going to the dogs(wood).


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'd honestly never heard of the place until you posted, although looking at a map, I've driven just a few miles from it. It really looks like it could be an unincorporated town, which means it might be a bit of a hub for the residents of the rural area that surround it, but I suspect there really isn't much of a town there, and its possible that you wouldn't even find a sign.

    This general area has quite a few things related to the history of abraham lincoln, and sam parr state park is located fairly close.

    The area is about 4 hours from Chicago, but it is about halfway between St. Louis and Indianapolis, and around 2 hours from each of those cities, and a pretty easy detour if you were traveling through on I-70.

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    Thanks AZBuck and Midwest Michael.

    AZBuck, I bet there is a story in your "obscure reason". Sadly mine was a nicotine patch fuelled dream of this "wonderful little town" which I found out actually exists, even if just a crossroad (although my town had a railway next to a river, churches and a rare bird, but thats another story!).

    Perhaps "oblong" is a strange way of telling me to think outside of the square! I still think I should make the effort. I am mad enough to follow my dream, it is just another good excuse for a road trip I guess. Perhaps I may discover something along the way. So if I am going to go to the "dogs" you guys might be just what I need to get me there.

    Which months are more hospitable? What is a good time fram to go east coast to west? I have about four months of paid leave.


    PS My wife is glad I got off those patches before I discovered any other strange out of the way places to make a pilgrimage!


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