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    first sry for my english. its not the best.

    we are two persons (21 years old) and we are to travel from Seattle down to los angeles. we will rent a car for 77 day. most of the time we will be driving on route 1.
    but we have same questions. either we rent a car (7 seats) (6000 $) where we can sleep in or we take a small one and pay half of the price (about 3000 $). so we don't know if it is allowed to sleep in the car just off the highway or not. or is it better to go camping (wild or camping place) and are there a lot of such places on route 1?
    or are there other cheap or free possebilities to sleep? i heard samething about State Parks...
    what is allowed and where? we look for the cheapest way, so can anybody help us to calculate this?

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    Some possibilities of reduced cost places to sleep would be in hostels or camping. Sleeping in the car just off the highway in rest areas is generally not allowed, and never in a public area near a highway that is not designated as a rest area.

    State park camping isn't free, but some places do charge a small fee. You would have to check with each individual state park you plan to stop at to see if they had camping available, as some places are day use only.

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    Sleeping in the car is fine... though not conducive to a good night's rest. But I suggest you not consider doing it along the side of the road. For safety's sake, at least go into a campground.

    There is a plethera of hostels along the west coast, most of which can be found here.

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