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  1. Default Cross Country Road Trip NY to LA, CA

    Hello all,
    My name is Gabi Ace ô and my friend Jon and I are planning a cross country road trip from Staten Island, NY to LA, CA and I can use all the advice you would share with me.
    We are planning to leave NY somewhere around the 3rd week of March 2009 or so. Our goal is to see AMERICA in every way and shape possible. We are not pressed for time and willing to spend 30-45 days on the road if needed, maybe even 60 days. I drive a 2008 BMW X5 so it should be a good and safe ride.
    What are the most important things I should keep in mind and on the top of my list?
    I would like to stop in as many states as possible. I donít want to just drive through them (it doesnít count like you really been there) I would like to stop and do something or see something, may be even sleep in to really get the statesí feeling.
    I am not really good with direction (I am actually a disaster, I ALWAYS get lost. LOL), but thank g-d for navigation system that is built in my car, its great! I really canít ever tell which way is north or south or whatever, but I bought a compass to help me around (umm?). So what I am trying to get at is that I need all the tips anyone can give and I want to say thank you in advance 
    I was thinking about going through these 16 states:
    1) New York
    2) New Jersey
    3) Delaware
    4) Maryland
    5) Virginia
    6) West Virginia (or Carolinas)
    7) Georgia
    8) Alabama
    9) Tennessee
    10) Mississippi
    11) Arkansas (Hot Springs?)
    12) Texas (Dallas, Amarillo)
    13) Oklahoma
    14) New Mexico
    15) Arizona
    16) CA (SD, SF, LA)

    What are the best site scene places in these states?
    Would you say this is a good way for me to go with these states in mind, or would you recommend a different way?
    How much money would you think we would need (to eat, sleep, gas, other)?
    What ideas, recommendations, suggestions and advice would you have for us?

    Thank you again,

    Gabi Ace ô

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    Default letting yourself get lost

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I will simply offer some very simple advice: You can't see everything that America has to offer in 6 years, much less 60 days. Enjoy what you can throughout your trip, but accept that for everything that you can see and do, there are dozens of things that will have to wait for another time. Very much along those lines, I would let yourself get lost. If you really want your time on the road to be an experience where you get a feel for the places you are visiting, then don't tie yourself down to a specific route dictated by a GPS computer.

    Spend some time building a list of things that you want to see and places you want to go. That doesn't mean you have to visit all of them, but that should give you a starting point and a direction on which to build your trip.

  3. Default Thank you

    Thank you for the advice. I didn't really mean to see ALL of America, but as much as I can, you know?

    I was hopping may be you can give me and good place, the best site scene or just a COOL spot in each one of those states i mentioned in the last letter. If you could hook me up with that it would be awesome.

    Thank you,

    Gabi Ace

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    Default Tastes

    Hi Gabi,

    There are so many options and with individual thoughts on what's 'best' varying greatly, it really comes down to your interests. As you are covering so much ground it's hard to start throwing suggestions your way as there are endless options.

    If you get the map out and have a good look around the forums and road trip planning pages [above] for ideas, you can start dotting places along the way that appeal to you. When you have done that we can help you fill the gaps in. There is also a big difference in your minimum of 30 and max or 60 days. Is this a one way trip ?

    If you are into natural wonders then you may find the NPS website a good guide of places to visit along the way. There are many of these in the Southwest such as the Grand canyon and Yosemite which I would say both are magnificent and worthy of a visit. There are also many great parks in Utah such as Zion and Bryce canyon. You should allow time to travel the Pacific coast highway [ROUTE 1] between S/F and S/D.
    This A-Z list of states has many ideas and should help you get started.

    As you build your trip ask questions along the way and we can help you piece it together.

  5. Default On Point!

    You guys are on POINT! I love it!.

    Thank you for the help and the more tips you have the better.
    I am researching the sites you gave me plus many more and trying to put together a trip of a life time. I will def keep you updated on my plans.

    Yes, this is a 1 way trip. When it's set and done, I am parking myself in LA, CA for good (I hope) :) so, the return trip is not needed at this point.

    I love Natural Wonders, Any Cool (one of Kind) Site scenes, Historic Parks and sites, and places like the Grand Canyon & Yosemite National Park (which I had both on my list), but i need more.

    I came up with a few so far (and looking for more):

    -Grand Canyon National Park
    -Yosemite National Park
    -SF, CA
    -Washington D.C. (all of the historic Places there)
    -Yellowstone National Park
    -Pennsylvania Dutch Country

    I know this is very few, but its a start.

    I am going thru your AZ lists its great.

    Anything else? now that you know its a ONE WAY TRIP (YEEEEEEEEEEEEES :)) Bye Bye NY 19 Years is ENOUGH :)

    More More Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

    Oh, as my pay back to you and you GREAT site (which I love BTW) I Will update the site with good info and pictures and whatever else you would like me to add on here. I take a pretty good trip (as some may say ;)) you would love the content (All PG-13, Don't worry).

    Thanks guys,

    Gabi Ace ™

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    Default Route 66

    If you're looking for a slice of America, I'd suggest you think about Route 66, the Mother Road. You can pick it up in Oklahoma City and take it all the way to Los Angeles.

  7. Default Route 66

    And Route 66 I shall take :)

    I am def going to connect into it at some point. I am still trying to figure out the the order of the states I want to go through.

    If you were me looking at the states I listed, how would you do it?

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