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  1. Default From TX to TN with a small child in tow

    My hubby and I are taking a trip from Fort Worth TX to Nashville TN over spring break. We will also be bringing our 19 month old, and our Pom mix. We will be stopping in Little Rock AR both on the way there and on the way back for a few hours to visit with friends and take a break. This is our first road trip since we have gotten married and our little girl’s first trip ever.
    What I would like to know is…
    • Any neat road side attractions along the way that are a must see
    • Any known corny tourist traps
    • Best places to stop with a small child and dog
    • Any advice you have for first time travelers
    • Advice on how to keep Riley (1 month old) happy.
    • Advice on how to make the trip a success
    If you could answer any part of my query I would be appreciative.
    Thank you very much in advance you have to offer. I am so stressed out about this trip.
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    The point of RoadTrips is to have fun. If you're stressing out about this you're not going to get out of it all that you can. So my first bit of advice is just to relax and go with the flow. There will be many things about this trip that you cannot control, such as weather and traffic. That's just part of the adventure. Your daughter, even at her young age, will be taking here clues from you and if you're stressed, so will she be.She also won't care about 'must see' attractions (different for everybody anyway) or corny tourist traps. Riley, whether he's a son or the dog will mostly be lulled by the rhythm and sounds of the drive and will sleep more than usual. There are great places all along the Interstates where she and the dog can have a great time, and mom and dad can relax. Here are more tips on traveling as a family.


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