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    Hi All! I'm here looking for some road trip advice as I was denied the adventure when I was younger. I don't really blame my parents though, if I was in their shoes I'm not sure I would have chosen to take 4 kids (extremely close in age) on more then just a day trip myself.

    Anyhow, my husband is active military and will be deploying to Iraq in a couple of months, so this is our road trip home!! I'm excited to get back to NJ and for our big road trip, as we have no clue when we might be able to ever do this again.

    We want to make it a 7-day or less trip, so he has time to spend with his parents before deploying. 7-days is the max. We have two planned stops thus far, one outside Galveston, TX (sp?) to visit relatives on his side and then one in Toms River, NJ to visit my grandparents. With a possible stop in Myrtle Beach for our Anniversary on the 4/7, if we are around SC at that time. Other then that we are fair game for almost everything as long as it isn't pricey.

    We already have our google maps printed and our TomTom programmed for the trip, which we are planning on or around April 2nd. Our families don't know that we are going to be headed home that early (they expected us around May), so we are going to try and keep up the daily communication with them while still keeping our secret!! lol..Sneaky..

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could provide any advice. After TX we are headed straight through FL to I-95 and then up I-95 to home, though I know there are times/areas to avoid I-95.

    Any helpful tips or suggestions are welcome, as we are both major road trip virgins! :)

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The trick to making a RoadTrip enjoyable is to make it less about the rood and more about the trip. That means fewer miles covered each day and more time spent out of the car doing stuff that you'll remember. Now we normally recommend about 550 miles a day as a maintainable pace, but that is for adults intent on getting somewhere and willing to take only occasional rest breaks each day. But you've got kids and plan to make at least two 'family visit' type stops which require at least several hours. The route you've outlined would require over 3,300 miles of driving to get to Toms River. That's 475 miles a day if you were to use all 7 days available and 550 per day if you only used 6, holding your last day to get from Toms River to your final destination. While that's possible, and would be fun for maybe the first day or two, it would begin to wear thin soon thereafter, especially for the kids.

    So your best option is to cut down on the number of miles you plan to drive. I know you say you've already decided on a route, but there is no reason to go all the way to Florida before turning north. You can shave nearly 200 miles (almost half a day's drive) off your journey by turning northeast at New Orleans and taking I-59/I-75/I-81/I-66/I-95 instead. Yes, this means you'll bypass Myrtle Beach, but for the sake of a better over-all journey, I think that's a choice you should make. Your kids won't much matter where you stop as long as they get a chance to see something different and do some running around. There are plenty of such venues close to the Interstates that won't require you to go too far out of your way and waste more time.


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    Hi again. I think I must have been confusing in my original post. This road trip is going to be just my husband and myself, we don't have any children.

    Thank you for suggesting the alternate route though. When my husband comes back from sea I will pose it to him. I was wondering if there might be any place on the internet that I can plug in our destinations and possibly find touristy attractions on our route?? I'm really interested in doing a little something in each state as we pass through, being as I have no clue if we will ever be ever to do this again.

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    I don't know of any thing that would give you a nice neat and tidy list of all the tourist attractions along a route, and quite frankly, I don't really think that would be possible. Nearly every town in the US has something that could be considered a tourist attraction.

    Having said that, if you're looking for things to do in each state, here is a list of more than 1300 ideas, and of course, those are just the tip of the iceberg.

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