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    Default Want to Road Trip Australia ??

    Hi there

    I am Australian in Australia and we plan to drive parts of the USA for 3 months from May to July this year. I am seeking a Camper Van to rent or buy so if anyone can help let me know, I have been to the various web sites but hope to do a better deal after we arrive in Los Angeles...

    I have an idea, if anyone would like to drive around Australia I would be willing to swap my camping setup for a camping vehicle in the USA. I own a Toyota Landcruiser which tows a small caravan (trailer you call them I believe) We do not necessarily need a 4WD to travel the uSA, just a small camper van would surfice. We would not have enough time to go off road in the USA. I am a surveyor and can provide maps of Australia for your Computer and GPS assistance if necessary.

    Finally any advice you can give about our plans will be appreciated.

    Think about my idea ???

    Regards David

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    Default interesting idea

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your trading idea is a unique one, you'll have to let us know if someone takes you up on the offer. If you do go that route, you should probably check with your insurance company, and quite possibly a lawyer, to make sure there aren't any problems if someone should get into an accident.

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    Thanks for the reply MM

    I know my insurance in Australia will cover another driver who is a "friend" I would not be able to make this a business....


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    Default There are several companies who do this

    Your idea, or one similar, has been utilized by several companies all over the globe. They handle the insurance and all of the legal issues.

    More information here:

    Time Share RVing

    Motorhome Exchanges and Holiday Trades is probably the closest to your idea.


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    Hi Djohn

    Drivin g around Australia is my dream. I hope to buy a Winnebago and go in about four months. Maybe you could give me some advise, like how long it should take and things not to miss. I've never been to Australia and I'm pretty excited!

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    If you want to drive around Australia, and want some suggestions, let me know, where, when, how long, budget etc. As a qualified tour guide, I may be able to help you.

    You might also like to check out a report / blog UKCraig posted after his trip to Australia.

    Lifey in Melbourne

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