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    Default best 2 routes from wisconsin to Florida

    My husband and I will be traveling to Miami mid-April to see my ankle replacement surgeon. Yes...complete ankle replacement (2-piece titanium.) Anyway, we have 7-10 days and want to stay at bed and breakfasts, or Inns, on our hopefully scenic road trip. We want to get there fast so we can go to the beach for a couple days and then quickly drive back. We own an Inn but my husband has never experienced an Inn other than ours. I would love to have some travel ideas and advice about places to stop, stay, see, etc!
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    Default Fast and Furious

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    It's a good three day drive from Algoma to Miami even by the most direct Interstate Route: I-43/I-94/I-65/I-24/I-75/Florida Tpk. You won't have a lot of time for detours or sight seeing, but there will be places to take refreshing stops. As for inns on the way, you know that these are personal choices and are best made by you and your husband. The best advice I can give is that you start now searching the web for places that appeal to you near Louisville, KY and Macon, GA which would be your two overnight stops.


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    Default thanks

    Great stops! I'll check into them. would you suggest an alternate route back? Like I said, we're pretty focused drivers. I actually drove my daughter-in-law and her 1 year old son to San Diego from Green Bay. The super-turbo move to Camp Pendleton where my son was stationed, involved a u-haul towing her car on a dolly. We started driving around 7am and ended at 9pm stopping to sleep three times only because there was a huge accident on 15 outside of Vegas. Otherwise we would have been there in 2 1/2 days. For this trip I guess it depends on how much we want to push for beach time. Any more ideas? Anything comes to mind? let me know. I'm hoping to do a little journal for the trip.

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    Default Only One Other Option

    With your time constraints, there's really only one other route that will suit you. From Miami: I-95/I-26/I-75/I-75/I-74/I/65/I-94/I-43 up through Savannah, Columbia, Knoxville, Cincinnati and Indianapolis. That's only about 60 miles farther than your best route and will give you a look at a few different landscapes.


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    Default sounds good

    Well, now I have two ways to look into. Thank you! If you think of any other tips, let me know!! Your time is very much appreciated!!

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