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    Hello all!
    A couple of friends and I are planning a road trip for this summer from Chicago to Las Vegas! We are super excited and have already kinda begun researching. Reading on this site, there are lots of experienced and knowledgable people! So I was wondering if anyone had any tips on where we should stop on the way. We are on a budget so would prefer free sightseeing. Also, we were kinda wanting to go on Route 66 if that is at all possible! Any advice?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums.

    As individuals we all have different ideas on where a good place to stop is, so researching and finding stuff that appeals to you is important. [Don't forget to look in the road trip planning pages.]

    Also you haven't mentioned how long you have for this trip and if it is a one way or return journey. These factors will also have a say in where and when you stop.

    If you want to follow the path of the '66 then it is certainly possible by going down through St Louis and Oklahoma but the road was decommissioned years ago and although old parts exist it has by large been replaced by Interstate. A popular stretch is to be found nearing Vegas between Williams and Kingman. Nearby you have the Grand canyon which although not free is a worthy detour.
    If it is a return journey you could go out on this route and return via Denver and see some of the amazing scenery of Utah and Colorado.

    You will see some amazing scenery from the road but if you want to take advantage of some of the outstanding parks in the area you can get a National parks pass that allows you to enter any park, any time, for a year. That covers the holder, car and passengers so works out well between 3 of you and after 4 parks has paid for itself.

    When you have had a look around and have more questions just ask away !

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