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    i live in columbus ohio and i'm planing a trip to pick up my car in seattle and i would love to see yellowstone i just want to know if the weather will be ok for driving or if i should just skip i also want to see mt rusmore i start driving on march 16th and need to be back on the 22nd the latest

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    Do you know what the weather in your hometown will be on those dates? Predicting the weather two weeks in advance is impossible.

    As far as Yellowstone, not every entrance or road is currently open - see this page for more details.

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    Default rethink round trip

    If this is a round trip, then I really don't think you're going to have time for the detours you're talking about. Its really not safe to make this trip in less than 4 days each direction, which would put you on the road for about 12 hours a day.

    You've got 8 days, but I'm assuming you're going to need to spend at least a half day in Seattle to pick up your car, so you're going to really be pushing the limits of safety as it is. If you're picking up a car, I'm guessing that you'll be driving with a friend one direction, and solo the way back? That's going to make it even more difficult to cover these miles safely. You also don't have any room to deal with bad weather, so if you do run into a late season storm, you're not going to be able to complete this trip on this timetable.

    In this case, if you're going to pick up a car anyway, I think I'd fly out to Seattle and then drive back. That will give you time to complete your trip on your timeline, see some things along the way, and has some room to deal with bad weather, should that become an issue too.

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    well my plan now is fly out to seattle on the 13th and start driving on the
    17th stop for the night in spokane wa then two days in yellowstone then one day in Rapid City, SD one day in iowa city then drive back home to columbus but it looks like theres still snow yellowstone i have not drivin in a year so hope there not much snow.

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    Default Minimum Yellowstone

    Although it should be possible to drive through Yellowstone, most roads will be closed until April, including the road to Old Faithful.



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