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    Hey all-

    My husband and I are planning a road trip from LA to San Francisco. This will be our first time visiting California. I would love to hear everyone's suggestions of places to stop, eat, stay, etc.

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    Default LA to SF

    I've driven the 5 many times as a way to get to and from the two cities. It's a good road if you're mainly just trying to get there quickly. If you do choose that route, try stopping at the San Luis Resevoir. There are beautiful green hills that overlook the resevoir that offer a nice place to picnic in relative isolation.

    If you have a day or two on your hands, I've heard that the 101 is a great and interesting drive. For more on that, you could probably google it. I know Monterey Bay has some spectacular cliff views that you can check out along the way.

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    Default Thousands of ideas

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are literally thousands of posts on this forum that discuss trips between LA and SF. Ideas Between following the coast, heading into the mountains, taking the fast superhighway, and everything in between can be found if you just spend a little bit of time looking around here.

    Once you've got a basic idea of what you're looking to do, then come back and we'll help you with the more specific details.

  4. Default LA to San Francisco

    Well we are going to take the road trip slowly. We will probably spend a couple of nights in LA, a couple of nights in San Francisco, and a couple of nights in between. I would like suggestions as to what to see, where to stay, and where to eat on the days we will spend in between.

    I read about Hearst Castle, so we will most likely do that...
    Thats about the only idea I have so far...we just started planning yesterday.

    I'm very open-minded and welcome any and all ideas!

    One more thing...We might want to go to Yosemite as well. About how far is it away from SF?
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    Default Monterey and Carmel

    On the drive up the coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco, there is of course lots of great seaside nature, and Hearst Castle that you mentioned. But a couple of modest sized cities are also worth checking out, Carmel and Monterey. Among things worth seeing are the 17 Mile Drive, the Carmel Mission, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Historic walks through old Monterey and Cannery Row. You could go to Yosemite between Los Angeles and San Francisco, but it would have to be instead of rather than in addition to the coast drive.


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