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    Default Chicago to Fort Lauderdale - 3 kids!

    My husband has the concept that a road trip to Florida with three kids (ages 6,5 and 10 months) would be "fun." I don't agree with his perspective, but cannot ignore the economic reality. My plan - to make the road trip fun and bearable. Looking for suggestions on the best route, and a few places to stop en route that the kids (all boys) would find entertaining, and where they can be active on the way so I have some semblance of sanity on our "vacation." Would also appreciate hotel/motel recommendations for the midpoint on our route- someplace with a pool maybe? hope to knock out the trip in two days. Thanks!

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    Driving from Chicago to Ft. Lauderdale in 2 days is NOT going to be fun or bearable, especially with 3 young children. This is a 1400 mile drive, which exceeds our 550 mile a day recommendation with NO sightseeing or kids. I strongly recommend you take at least 3 full days, if not 4.

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    Default point taken

    You are right - so assuming 3 days, that allows for approx. 400 mi a day.

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    Default long days, short detours

    Three days will be much better. You'll still be on the road for about 8 hours a day, but that will leave you some time for some short stops along the way.

    Some of my favorite ideas would include the Louisville Slugger Museum/Factory (I took my 9 year old their last fall, and she's asking to go back), Mammoth Cave, and the Coke Museum and/or the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta

    Breaking up the trip into 3 even legs would give you stops in Nashville and Valdosta, GA, both which should have plenty of motels to pick from.

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