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    Default Can you ID this highway?

    Driving back east at the end of last summer we got haywired going from a google maps, google maps mobile, and in-car GPS. Decided to go with the in-car GPS and ended up on a wooded highway north of Phoenix in a national forest, very curvy, very pretty. Any idea where that was? Since we did go with the GPS i don't have any record of it. thanks in advance!

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    Default beyond a needle in a haystack.

    Sorry, but you're asking a question that could be a thousand different places. There's simply no way anyone can identify a "curvy road near phoenix in a national forest" without having been there with you.

    This of course is a one very big reason why we don't recommend using GPS as your primary or only tool. If you'd been following a map, you'd likely know exactly where you were. Having said that, a map could still be helpful if you want to go and try to retrace your footsteps. That's going to be about the only way you'll be able to figure this one out.

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    well i was hoping someone would be familiar with what must be the limited number of national forests near phoenix and i thought that might narrow it down
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    Default limited?

    Sorry, there are thousands of acres of National Forest Land north of Phoenix, and hundreds of miles of roads within those forests. If you take a look at a map, you'll see that the vast majority of land between Phoenix and Flagstaff is National Forest Land.

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