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    Hi all,
    I'm trying to plan a ski trip for spring break for a few of my friends and myself. We're hoping to get to SLC in two days, stopping in Santa Fe our first night. I'm aware that Salt Lake City is a bit of a drive for two days, but we're up for the long hours on the road.

    Here's the route I'm looking at.

    My main point of concern is the route from Santa Fe to SLC. I'm excited to drive that part of the trip, but will there be any winter road closures? It'll be fun to get off the interstate and drive the smaller highways, but I don't want to get stuck anywhere because of snow or anything. Any other suggestions for the route? Or ideas for places to stop along the way?

    Thanks much!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There aren't any roads on your plan that are scheduled to be closed for the winter, but that's about all we can tell you. You'll be driving 2 lane roads through mountainous areas that are certainly subject to seeing snow, and if the weather conditions aren't in your favor the days that you travel, you could be seeing some roads that are slippery or even impassable, those roads will be farther away from services and will have less traffic than interstates if you do run into a problem. Unfortantly, no one knows what the weather will be until just before you depart on your trip, so you'll simply have to keep an eye on the forecasts and see what things are looking like.

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