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    Default Navajo Falls, AZ...still around?

    I wasn't sure where to post this, so let me know if it fits in another topic better! :)

    I'm planning a two- maybe three-week, cross-country trip to see the heart of America. The next month I'll be putting together a proper itinerary to have a general guideline to keep to; so far, most of the areas of definite interest are in UT, AZ, and NM (not to mention Mountain View, AR).

    I am concerned about whether Navajo Falls near Supai, AZ, is still in one piece or not. I read that in August 2008 it was destroyed after a storm. I couldn't find any info on it's current state. Does anyone know if this beautiful place is still standing or if she's gone for good?

    *crosses fingers*

    I'd hike an entire day to wade in those waters and take that beauty in.

    Thank you!

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    Default Still closed

    I understand it to still be closed to visitors, untill further notice, but thought to be re opening in the summer 2009.

    You can get contact info from the official website

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    That's quite discouraging. I found pictures of the aftermath and I can't imagine it ever looking the same, or comparable. It's still a gorgeous area to visit, so I might make the stop just the same. Thanks for the link SW Dave! :)

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