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    My best friend and I are graduating this summer and want to take a fairly long road trip before we both have to start working at our respective jobs in NYC. We both live in NJ and would like to do a long loop that stops in most if not all of the following places:

    Pittsburgh (my friend used to live there and has family there)
    Mount Rushmore
    Rocky Mountain National Park/Denver
    Texas Panhandle Camping/Dallas
    New Orleans
    Washington DC

    Does this sound like a reasonable route to take? And approximately how long a trip does this sound like? We are going to be doing a fair amount of camping in the middle of the trip (Mount Rushmore, Rocky MOuntain, Texas). The camping will be bookended by visits to a few cities. I know that the length of the trip is completely dependent on how long I want to stay in each place, but what would you approximate given your past experiences on road trips?

    Also, if anyone could help me make a price approximation, it would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind, we will be camping a fair amount of the time, will be staying with family in Pitt, and will spend the rest of the nights either in cheap hostels or being hosted by couchsurfers. So lodging costs should stay pretty low. Thanks for any and all help.

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    Default A Perfectly Reasonable Loop

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There really are no bad routes for a RoadTrip and the one you've laid out is better than many. In terms of time, you'd need at least 9-10 days just to do the driving at a reasonable pace, so 2 weeks minimum to make the most cursory visits to the sights along the way, 3 weeks begins to get enjoyable. There are just too many variable involved to give you a cost estimate that will be meaningful for your travel style, but here are the items you'll need to consider as well as some idea of what others have found to be reasonable guesstimates for costs.


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    Yeah, I'm looking for somewhere in the range of 3 to 4 weeks. I shouldn't have a problem pushing it to 5 if we aren't burning our cash too fast and we are having a good time out there spending a day or two extra at a few locations. I will definitely search the site and bit as I hammer out the details of my trip.

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