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    My friend and I are going to Portland and Seattle for a couple of shows March 4 and 5 and while this trip is very late notice and we're leaving tomorrow, taking the 5 up from Los Angeles, we would love to take a scenic drive home. It's one of my travel goals to drive along the entire length of the West Coast, so I thought this would be an amazing opportunity to do so. We're leaving from Seattle the morning of the 8th, driving up to Cape Flattery, the northwest-most point, and want to hug the coast all the way down, through Washington, Oregon and California all the way to the Mexican border and then backtrack home to L.A. We have until late on the 17th to get home. I would love all the tips and suggestions you can throw at me.

    It being March, I know this isn't an ideal time for such a trip, but I want to make the most of it. The two biggest obstacles I see are the time of the year and our time constraint of 10 days. The north-most I've traveled is San Francisco, so I'm flying blind beyond that point. I would love any suggestions of points of interest along the coast, as well as any hotel or restuarant referrals, helpful driving tips (that's a big one), etc. Again, I want to stay as close to the coast as possible the duration of the trip and must be back the night of the 17th.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think with 10 days to drive back along the coast, you're in pretty good shape. I think that's a nice amount of time where you should be able to make the trip without feeling rushed, but if you do find yourself taking more time than you'd expected, you can always detour between CA-1 and US-101 and make up some times in the sections that you've already traveled.

    There are also lots of topics and ideas about traveling the coast on this forum, these threads should give you lots more ideas to think about.

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