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    hey all, were new to the forum. we are trying to plan a road trip from B.C to disneyland. We are looking at about 2-2.5 weeks altogether in early september
    2 days in disneyland and the rest going to other spots in and near LA, mostly amusement parks and sightseeing. we are considering driving in the car and going to hotels or take the truck and camper and campsite it. we are leaning more towards truck and camper but don't know were to stop along the way. also we would like to take the most scenic route down ie. oregon coast, redding, yosemite, mostly the coast down and most direct way back. we are new to road tripping so any thoughts or suggestion s would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    With 2.5 weeks, you've got some time to work with and you've got lots of things you'll be able to choose from. As far as a route to take, there isn't only one scenic route option, there are lots of things to choose from, with the places you've listed being just some of them. Since there is so much you could do, instead of taking the "scenic" way down and the "fast" way up, you could certainly look for scenic both directions. You could explore the coast highway itself as you head south, and then explore the more inland attractions, like Yosemite and Crater Lake, on your way back up. That would give you a nice trip both directions, and would save you from having to do lots of zig zagging to try and fit in everything going one direction.

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    am i better off driving the car and hotel or to take the truck with camper and hitting camp sites?

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    No one can answer that question for you, at least not without knowing what your priorities are. If you already have a camper and you enjoy the experience of camping with it, then that would be a good choice. If you like the manuverability of a car and would rather check into a hotel than setting up a campsite, then a car would be a better choice.

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