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    I am currently unemployed and have been actively seeking employment for 2 months. Jobs seem to be getting more difficult to come by. I have since sold my furniture, got rid of my apartment and all I have left is me, my dog, a car, clothes, and an blank journal. Seeing that I am "lost" I've decided now is as good as of time as any to go on a road trip. I've been told a road trip is like a spiritual awakening. I plan on leaving within the next few days and heading out to CA with a stop in Dallas on the way. I would appreciate input as to where to go, places to stay (especially with a dog) and things to see along the way. I will have a laptop with me to get updates on traffic and weather reports. I GREATLY appreciate any information provided. I know this is something I need.

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    Default I hear you

    I'm looking for work too, so I understand how tough it is out there. Having said that, with the entire country at your disposal, no one can tell you where to go. There are millions of possibilities, you have to figure out which of those are of most interest to you.

    I am curious as to how much time and money you have for this trip? Traveling isn't cheap, and having to factor a dog into the equation could make things even more expensive.

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    I have saved money over time. About 7k in cash at this time. I have no debt and no obligations. I understand this can be an expensive but that is why I am reaching out to others who have done this.

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    There are plenty of "pet-friendly" hotels out there, you just have to research them.

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    Default Wherever You Go, There You Are

    I've taken quite a few serious RoadTrips, but I've never had a spiritual experience on any of them. You are going to be the same person at home, in Dallas, or in California. There have been people who have 'found themselves' by hitting the road and having to truly rely on themselves, perhaps for the first time in their lives. But I don't get the impression that such is the situation in your case. I'm just concerned that you will waste precious resources on a quixotic quest at a time when your efforts would best be directed elsewhere.


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    Re: the road trip as spiritual experience -- it seems that the people I know who have looked to the road trip as an answer for their problems have been unsatisfied with the result. That said, I have had some very profound moments of solitude on some of my road trips, simply because I was very aware and present in the moment, taking in whatever was in front of me. I'm from the east coast, and the first time I drove through the desert southwest ranks among one of the most inspiring experiences of my life. I think that a big road trip -- as well as other kinds of travel -- can help one's sense of perspective.

    cmac, you didn't mention -- have you driven any part of a cross-country route before? Or will this all be new? Where in CA are you headed? It sounds like you are ready for a fresh start and you will find a new home in CA? From Dallas to California there are so many amazing natural wonders to explore in the southwest. How much time are you allowing yourself for the trip?

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