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  1. Default Help me plan my first roadtrip

    My partner and i are both 22, we are from Australia and are starting to plan our first overseas trip for America in April, May, June 2010. Do you think a roadtrip is a good idea for seeing America? And is it a good idea for our first overseas adventure or will it be a bit overwhelming/stressful? We have a general idea of what we want to see inc. Las Vegas, New York and Connecticut, Amish Country, Texas, Chicago, Grand Canyon, DISNEYLAND, Boston - Harvard Uni and Yale Uni and also famous movie land marks. and also a bit of Canada. We want to experience some sport eg NFL, NBL, Ice-hockey and baseball. Can anyone tell me the dates for the sport seasons, or do they run all year long? Also, whats the difference between Disneyland and Disneyworld, which one is better? Any tips, and i mean anything anoyone can tell us about America, weather, safety, any estimated expenses, cost of petrol (i can imagine it would be different to in Aus) would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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    Default the footing

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, certainly on a site like this you'll find people who think taking a roadtrip is a great idea.

    Having said that, you're going to have to do a little work to figure out what would work best for you. Three months will give you lots of time to explore, but doing a roadtrip will be very expensive. The cost of getting a car alone, because of both the amount of time and your ages, will be several thousand dollars.

    The spring will be a nice time to travel. You will be going before the major tourism season starts to peak in July and August. Weather starts getting comfortable throughout most of the country at this time, but there will be some areas, particularly in mountainous areas, that won't full reopen after the winter until later may and into june. This will also be a good time for sports. Baseball will just be starting, while the basketball and hockey seasons will be starting to wrap up. Football is the only thing that won't be in season.

    As far as the which disney question, I'm sure books could be written on the pros and cons of each. Disneyland is the original, but it is a fraction of the size of Disney World. Disneyland's size can be measured in acres, Disney World with its 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, and numerous hotels and stores is measured in square miles, and is twice the size of New York City's Manhatten.

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    Were not going for all three months, there just our base dates for when we would like to go. Would you suggest another time of the year would be better? We would like to go when the weather is nice, but would like to aviod peak tourist season just to save on cost and time!

    WOW - i had no idea it was that HUGE!! I am a massive Disney fan and am thinking about going to both - do you think this is a bad idea or a waste of time/money?

    We know that we would have to pay extra because of our age, we are not thinking of renting a car for the entire trip, we were thinking flying into LA hiring a car and driving LA- San Diego - Disneyland - Las Vegas and dropping it off there then organsing an internal flight to Texas and hiring a car there to do some sight seeing then fly to Florida and hiring a car to drive to Orlando etc etc.

    Also. What are your opinions on buying a car and selling it at the end of the trip? What kind of insurance would we have to get or would there be any complications for buying or selling a car because we are Australians?

    What months does football run? this is the sport my partner most wanted to see.

    Thanks for your help already.

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    Default Fall

    Fall is my favorite time to travel, as both the weather and crowds tend to be nicer than during the summer. Some exceptions are peak "leaf peeping" areas, but that's also something you can only see during the fall. Football also is a fall sport, running from September into December/January. A trip starting in September could work out nicely for you.

    If you're a big disney fan and you're going to be going cross country, then I don't see anything wrong with going to both parks.

    As far as your car situation goes, you'll have to start shopping around and see what things will cost. Doing a few hub and spoke type trips will save some money by not having one way drop fees, but then you'll have to pay for those internal flights, and you might lose out on a chance for a lower/longer term car rental rate. Buying a car without being a US resident is a very challenging and time consuming process. However, if you are going to be here for a few months, it might be worthwhile, if you can find a way to get beyond all of the red tape. There are lots of threads about the challenges of buying a car, so if its something you could look into by using the search function, if you want more information.

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    Thanks again for your help.

    Do you think it would be worth changing dates until September? The only reason we picked April-May is because it is Spring so we thought the weather would be reasonably warm in most places and we would have saved enough money by then.

    How much would we expect to be paying per night to stay at motels? They must be clean but do not need to be luxurious. Is it better to book ahead or will there always usually be a place with availability? Also, are motels allowed to charge high rates for people that just show up expecting a room that night? That is a big concern for us, because in Aus rooms can be very expensive if you dont book ahead.

    Besides accommodation and travel, how much would you think a young couple would need to have a fun time, doing a fair few touristy things and a bit of souviner shopping for 30 days? Including food. I dare say we would be trying to eat breakfast and lunch from grocery food but eating out at night, some nights just cheap takeaway and some nights to nice restaurants.

    We want to have a well rounded experience - our basic idea is to spend half the holiday in big cities staying in relatively nice places, eating nice foods, sightseeing etc and the other half roughing it (not too extreme though i hope) and driving across the country so we can visit national parks and places off the beaten track!

    If anyone has any "off the beaten track" places they have come across in there adventures, i would love to hear stories!!

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    Default Overwhelmed.

    I remember that feeling !

    I think you need to get out a map and dot the places you have mentioned that are a must see for you. Once you have done that you need to see how those dots join up and then start breaking it down into smaller sections and looking for places along those routes that appeal to you. You can search the forums and road trip planning pages for plenty of ideas and use the search engine for info on places that look interesting.
    You can then decide if this is best served as a one way trip across country or do a loop, starting and finishing from the same location.
    Once you have an outline plan in place we should be able to help you piece it together but with endless options available you need to break it down a bit for us to be able to do so.

    Sept and early October is my favorite time to travel, the crowds are dwindling and the temps are nice.

    You can find decent rooms for $60-$90 a night depending on locations.

    For great scenery and movie locations like Monument valley [Westerns] it's hard to beat the Southwest in my book. There is so much diversity, you have Alpine scenery of Colorado, the red rocks and deserts of Utah ,Arizona, Nevada and the Glacial valleys, giant trees,wine and gold country along with the wonderful coast line of California.

    Here is the National parks list full of info for the "out of town" moments.

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    where can i get a map as detailed as that? with the major roads, little towns etc.

    i think i might change my dates to September, it seems from the advice i have gotten this is the best time to travel!!

  8. Default wanting to see Uni's like Harvard and Yale

    Hi im from Australia and just wanted to ask if there are any rules about guests visiting universities such as Harvard, Princeton and Yale?

    Can you simply walk in to the beautiful buildings? the dorm buildings? the lecture theatres? etc

    Thanks for your help.
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  9. Default Gilmore Girls

    Im a massive Gilmore Girls fan and am wanting to check out some of the sites that it was shot at. I know that it is based on a place called Washington Depot. Does anyone know where this is and if its a touristy town?
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  10. Default Driving in Las Vegas

    Is it easy to drive in Las Vegas or is traffic usually disasterous??
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