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    Default East Coast Roadtrip

    Hey y'all,
    I'm planning to have a roadtrip this summer after high school graduation. I was hoping I could get some help here about interesting sites on the east coast. As some general information, we don't plan on going past Arkansas and plan to take the trip in late June. The trip will last about a week (week and a half max) and there'll be 3 people. We'll be taking a 2006 Hyundai Elantra as well (if that helps).
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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Some of the places that first popped to mind for me were (not indicative of a planned route, just some random thoughts):
    Cape Hatteras
    Kennedy Space Center
    The Ozarks
    Smokey Mountain National Park
    The Mississippi Delta

    One item we recommend you and your friends do is take the RoadTrip compatibility quiz.

    Are you planning on camping, staying in hotels, or a combination of the two? With three folks in a smaller car, you may be pressed for space to accommodate all of your camping gear.

    What kind of budget do you have for your trip? Will the costs be split up evenly?

    Are you looking to spend a few days in any one location, or do you want to keep "on the move"?

    What area of NC will you be starting from?

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    A combo of both camping and hotels is probably the most likely. Being, former, boy scouts we know what to bring and what not to bring on a trip.

    Budget would probably be under $1000 (includes gas), split evenly between all members

    We'll probably be spending some time in some places but not others. Some we will spend a day or two in but I think it mostly will be "on the move".

    We will be starting from Charlotte, NC

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    $1000 per person or $1000 for the three of you? I think you're saying total, and that doesn't sound like enough. Consider the breakdown:

    $20/night to camp -- and that's assuming you find the cheapest possible campgrounds; if you're staying in national parks, you'll pay more -- you're going to use about 20% of your budget right there.

    I can't estimate gas without having any idea what type of mileage you get or where you plan to go, but let's just assume it's another $200 -- that could easily go up or down.

    That leaves you $600, which is only $20/person/day to eat and see things that interest you. And that has to include ice for your cooler, firewood or propane for cooking, and everything else you need.

    If you cut back to one week and stick fairly close to home, your budget will do. I'd suggest you either head towards Great Smokeys OR Cape Hattaras -- both in one week isn't particularly realistic. If you go towards the mountains, you'll be able to do some great hiking and maybe go tubing (cheaper than rafting).

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    What do you suggest for money amount per person?

    As for gas I used the this to caculate the price for gas for my 2006 Hyundai Elantra (has about a 26mpg average), so I estimate about $135 (basing gas price @ $3.50 and going 1000 miles)

    As for destination ideas, we definetly want to go out of state. Our idea is to either:
    1. Go in a (small) circle around states of NC
    2. Go to one location in a nearby state (ex: mammoth cave in Kentucky) then come back

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    Default Average funds

    Quote Originally Posted by Reign90 View Post
    What do you suggest for money amount per person?
    I would say about $50 per day for each person, as a minimum.

    Mammoth Cave is definitely a place worth going. There are several different tours, each that show a different part of the cave.

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    Yeah, something I was thinking of is choosing a main destination. After seeing it, we'd then look around town, nearby attractions, etc. then we'd head home (after spending a day or two there).

    I'm wondering, is this a good plan? From your personal experience could you reccomend a better plan?
    If this is a good plan, can you (or anyone) reccomend great places to visit (like Mammoth Cave or so) around, yet outside, NC?

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