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  1. Default We don't need no stinking on-ramps

    Hi- My name is Robert and I just found your site . I drove a VW Golf Diesel with a friend to Ft Worth all day Friday , Sat, and Sunday Feb 20-22. (3 days). Drove on 97-95-93 !-40 US 10. Weather was perfect, roads bare and dry.
    But the driver I was with is another story.
    My friend shocked me at his lack of knowledge US road rules(he's from Hungary).
    On a 2-lane stretch of 95 in Nevada he would'nt pull over for an approaching police driving high-speed with lights and siren on.
    In Texas instead of driving a mile to the on-ramp, he made his own by driving thru the grassy strip between the frontage road and freeway. ($800.00 fine I hear)
    He pulled over on the shoulder of the freeway when it wasn't an emergency.
    I guess he thinks that this is the freedaom we have in America?
    Even though he's been in the US over 20 years, I explained to him the laws but he refused to listen. He said it did'nt matter, it was OK. Don't get upset, I do this all the time, nobody cares, etc.
    Needless to say, I will never take a road trip with Road Rambo again .
    Ever have a road trip in America with someone like this before?

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    Quote Originally Posted by warmerwagen View Post
    He said it did'nt matter, it was OK. Don't get upset, I do this all the time, nobody cares, etc.
    It's that attitude which is at the heart of the cause of some forty or fifty thousand deaths on American roads each year. Most of which are NOT accidents... they are avoidable!

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    Default Oh dear !

    Hello and welcome to R.T.A. Robert.

    That sounds like a nightmare of a trip and I hope your friend gets caught before he does harm to innocent people.

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    The Texas 'create your own off-ramp' is a state-wide problem. Anytime there's a slight traffic jam it's like rats fleeing a sinking ship as people cross the grassy shoulder to get onto the frontage road to try and avoid the traffic.

    As for the general indifferent attitude, that's not really a 'foreigner in a different country' thing. That's just a general lack of caring of the rules as feeling one is above them. To some extent, that's the general feeling of the speed limit laws.

    It's just a shame that it's so easy to get a license, and once you get one, you're never re-tested the rest of your life (barring your license being revoked).



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