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    Hi we arriving in LA on the 30th March and picking up our hire camper the next day. We have a tentative route as below:
    LA to Death Valley
    Grand Canyon
    El Paso
    A day in Mexico or maybe over night (leave the camper in US)
    New York (two days?)
    Portland Maine
    Rapid City
    Mackinac Bridge
    Down to highway 90 and to Yellowstone Park
    Portland Oregon
    Then highway 101 to San Francisco
    Back to LA on the 26th June
    Just under three months. We haven't set any times as yet. We are interested in diversity of the people, food, culture, the outdoors and National Parks, wildlife. Not too interested in big cities, Disney Land, general tourist things.
    We are keeping under the 90 days so don't need visas and are thinking of getting an annual National Park pass as we would like to stay places as cheaply as possible(limited funds)
    We have two daughters 17 and 14.
    The towns and cities I mentioned are just on our route rather than we want to visit them all.
    I would be keen on any comments about our planned route and time frame.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Generally, You should be able to have a great time just roaming around the U.S. for a few months. It would be exceedingly difficult to try to offer you specific suggestions for everywhere on your route, so just wander through the thousands of discussions here to get ideas of what's available to you. I will offer a couple of comments. You have plenty of time to see every region of the country, but one is conspicuously missing from your trip as outlined and that is the Deep South. I think that you should have a look at adding some time in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and/or the Carolinas. It is an area and culture unlike what you'll find elsewhere. On a different matter, if you're going to visit more than a handful of national parks, by all means get the annual pass. But be aware that it will only be good for entrance fees into the parks and will not cover the cost of camping or any other special fees. I wish your and your girls the best on this adventure.


  3. Default Change of route

    Hi thanks for your reply. I will amend our root to include those areas you mentioned. Instead of Memphis we will come further south. We do have to go to Dallas as I have a daughter there and then maybe down to Mobile. I think we will skip the trip to Mexico as I hear there has been trouble there particular across from El Paso.
    As we come into each area we can decide how long to stay depending on what we are interested in.
    Could you tell me what to expect weather wise in upper Michigan in June?

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    If you haven't already, read William Least Heat Moon's Blue Highways to get an idea of what you can see in the US.

    In my opinion, the places you should visit include the following:

    Memphis to New Orleans
    Outer Banks/Williamsburg/Washington, DC
    Nashville/Whitesburg, KY/Asheville, NC
    Zion/Capitol Reef/Arches/Grand Canyon
    White Mountains/Camden, ME/Baxter State Park
    Austin/Fredericksburg/San Antonio
    Olympic National Park/Columbia River valley
    Sawtooth Mountains/Craters of the Moon NM/Yellowstone/Beartooth Hwy
    Devil's Tower/Black Hills/Badlands
    Rugby, ND/Knife River Indian Village/Teddy Roosevelt NP
    Porcupine Mountains/Macinaw Island/Sault St. Marie
    Miami/Everglades/Key West
    Savannah/Gullah/Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor/Charleston
    San Francisco/Monterey/LA
    Rocky Mountains/Silverton-Durango/Mesa Verde
    Taos/Santa Fe/Las Cruces/El Paso/Guadalupe Mts
    Redwoods NP/Crater Lake NP
    Yosemite/Sequoia/Death Valley/Las Vegas

    there are others, but those are the first routes that come to mind.

  5. Default USA Trip

    Thanks very much will take note of the sites you have listed. I have ordered the book you suggest and will have a good read. The only other thing I am wondering about is that we hope to find free or cheap camping along the way.(spent most of our money on flights and camper hire) We have found the site and it seems to cover alot of our trip. For example you seem to be able to camp around Bestow CA which would be good for our first night. Would this be correct?

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    I have never heard of free camping in the US but if you have an RV some walmarts will let you park it in their parking lot at night. Most state parks are very cheap, in NY state it is typically $13 a night, depending on if you tent camp or have an RV and need hookups. State parks will almost always be the cheapest camping spots.

  7. Default Free camping

    I have found sites on the net like this:

    free campgrounds



    Here is an example if an entry:

    "Free dry camping behind George S. Patton Museum at Chiriaco Summit (exit I-10 at Chiriaco Road). Gas, minimart, and restaurant nearby. Look for sign "Free Dry Camping" at east edge of museum parking lot directing you to BLM area behind museum. WWII tanks and armored vehicles stored nearby. Visit museum for huge topo map of area and history of WWII Desert Training Center. No facilities, look for multiple camp sites areas along several east-west dirt roads. Dirt roads OK for cars/RVs. Some freeway noise, but site is out of sight of service road. For other choices, BLM land stretches along both sides of freeway going west past Cottonwood Road."

    Plus will the parks I hope we can avoid the larger fees.
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    Default Upper Michigan weather

    June's weather in the UP is really nice. Warm days and not to much rain. The bugs are out in force but the sights make up for it. If your close to either lake expect it to be a little colder so have a light jacket!

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