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    Hi guys,

    Completley new to the concept of "Road Tripping", so forgive me if i make any schoolboy errors!

    Basically me and my two friend have decided to embark on a road trip, around July/August 2010, were both English, and have no experience of this kind of trip. Our plan is to start at Boston, travel down the east coast to Florida, then along the south coast to LA, and carry on up, maybe dipping in slightly and ultimately finishing up at Seattle. we have 42 days to do this. we have two drivers in our party

    The main stops for us will be:

    Any tips, advice or places of interests, as well as a budget for a trip of this size, would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks in advance!
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    Default more than a list

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've got a list of cities and the outline of a trip that could certainly be done in 40 days. Other than that, you haven't really told us enough about you or your trip to provide much other insight.

    How did you come up with this list? What sort of things do you hope to see and do? How will you be traveling (transportation/lodging/meals/etc)? What are your ages? Without knowing those sorts of things, we don't have much to work with.

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    sorry about the vagueness, didnt want to overload people with too much information

    were a group of two 22 year olds, and one 23 year old.

    Transportation wise were still up in the air, well have a reasonable to moderate budget as we have plenty of time to build up a fund, and are not sure if RV travel, buying second hand and seeling at the end of the trip, or renting a car and motelling would be our best office considering the size of our trip.

    The outline of the trip is to generally experience the cities listed, with maybe a few unscheduled stops at smaller towns, and other spots we pass, to get a bigger view than just big cities, as well as maybe a national park or two.

    my original plan was to visit all 52 states, but time and money would have become an issue, I formulated the route taking in factors as cities we wanted to see, and also a route that took us coast to coast, i hope to see a mixed experience of small town life in america, to the huge throbbing cities.

    thanks in advance,


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    Default biggest roadblock

    Transportation will be a major factor in this trip, and will be very expensive. There's just no way to get around that. In addition to the simple cost of renting a car for 40 days, you'll be looking at a one way drop fee and underage driving fees, which will significantly increase your costs. Buying a car for a trip of this length simply isn't practical for a trip that is just over a month long, nor is it cheap. RV trips are almost never cheaper than car/motel ones, so if you are looking that direction as a money saver, I don't think you'll find much help.

    There are several hundred threads from other young travelers in similar situation, so you may simply try searching around to see what they have been told and what options they have found. If I were to take a guess, I'd say you're probably looking at $3000 minimum for a rental car for a trip like this, but I would urge you to start looking at this aspect first, simply because it will be the biggest problem you'll face on this trip.

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    Thanks Michael!

    we will now be sure to arrange our transport as a matter of priority :O)

    Just a few other questions, if you would be so kind

    1) Will the route I have planned give us a chance to expirience a decent mixture of culture and lifestyles?

    2) Is there anywhere along that route that in your opinion, is a "must see?"

    3)Is Boston a decent starting point for our journey?

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