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    Hi, I'm planning a trip from Dallas Texas to Cancun Mexico. Unfortunately there aren't many resources on the internet about traveling this particular road trip. I'm planning on leaving by car on Friday March 13th and returning Sunday March 22nd.

    I'm planning on taking a car that gets 35 MPG, as of now there are two people coming for sure and possibly more. The distance is about 4,300 miles round trip from Dallas to Cancun, I'm going to estimate about 5,000 miles since I plan on going to Tulum, Chichen Itza, and maybe Merida. So that would be around $340 in gas round trip.

    However, I need some information on toll charges, driving into Mexico fees, and tourist permit fees. This will be my first time in Mexico and I'm traveling on a budget.

    How much does it cost to bring your vehicle into mexico? What documents do you need?

    What documents will each person in the car need to travel to mexico?

    What is the typical cost of gas in mexico?

    Where can I find information about how much it will cost in toll fees for my roundtrip? Would it be worth just taking free roads?


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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    While I am not familiar with the route you will be taking, I do know that you will have to have your passport to return from Mexico. As far as documentation for your vehicle, you will need to check with your insurance company. Indeed, it may be possible that your particular policy doesn't cover you in Mexico.

    I just did a quick web search and found that, at least as of last Summer, that fuel in Mexico was cheaper than an equivalent amount in the US, but I couldn't find any exact pricing.

    As far as cost to bring your vehicle into Mexico, there shouldn't be any costs associated with just driving across the border.

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    I have limited experience driving in Mexico, and I haven't driven my own car across the border, but I have learned a few things about the process.

    First of all, there are fees and permits that you will need since you plan to be driving into the interior. There is a couple hundred dollar bond (to ensure you take the car with you when you leave Mexico) which you'll either have to pay with a credit card, or bring cash. You'll need to bring your passport as well as your drivers license, and registration. You'll also need to purchase separate Mexican Insurance.

    When getting Gas in Mexico, Pemex (government owned oil company) is your only choice. When I was there a couple of years ago, it was a little bit more expensive to fill up, but the difference was less than a dollar a gallon. Having said that, I'd probably budget closer to $500, to factor in driving around towns and to attractions, as well as the possibility that gas will cost more than $2.50.

    I would also recommend making sure that you have Pesos to pay for your purchase, as many locations do not accept credit cards and paying in Pesos will be much easier than trying to convert your US money at a gas station. Also know that gas stations in Mexico are full service.

    I don't know of any accurate way to find exactly what you'll pay for using the toll roads, but everything I've ever read about driving in Mexico strongly encourages using them where available.

    Otherwise, I'd just do a google search for "driving in mexico." There are no shortage of sites that should give you the basic groundwork to get going.

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    Caveat: I have never been to Mexico and have never driven a vehicle outside of the Lower 48 States.

    That said, I will follow with great interest what you find about recommendations for SOB (South of the Border) driving in one's own vehicle. Way, way back in the day (mid- late 1970s), my Texas-native drill crew buddies used to go to Laredo or Eagle Pass around once a month to frolic across the border. Their MO was to rent a Cadillac in Tyler, TX (their hometown), drive like mad across TX to the border, get a motel room on the TX side, walk across the bridge, and take a cab to the party spots on the MX side. None would even remotely consider taking his own vehicle across the border.

    More recently, the mainstream media reports rather alarming conditions in Mexico as relates to drug gang violence being visited upon locals and tourists alike. Again, I will be interested in what you find as you locate and post questions on some on-point forums.


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