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  1. Default 18 days from & back to New York - where to?


    We're a family of four from UK (parents and two teenagers) and have travelled quite widely in USA. We're planning to fly to JFK in early July and take a roadtrip south but don't know where to take-in/visit.

    We've travelled widely north of NYC (and also covered Cape Cod, Washington and NJ Coast, as well as Florida and West Coast) so I'm thinking that perhaps we could drive down coast to South Carolina, say, Charleston area, say there a week or so (hire villa?) and then start touring back to NYC via inland. Does this sound sensible/logical? Where could/should we visit on route south and back north, with perhaps 2 or 3 night stopovers as a local bases to explore from?

    We enjoy sightseeing, cycling, like sunny weather, chilling near the sea (but not beachy people), sports and shopping. Don't like 'tacky' USA but enjoy more upmarket, traditional USA :)

    Thanks. :)


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    Default The Non-Beach Coast

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There is much more to the east coast of the U.S. than the well known beach resorts. In particular there are historic sites and the many, many wildlife refuges that dot the Atlantic Flyway migratory routes. You could easily have a great drive from New York down to Charleston (a great destination city), via the Delmarva Peninsula and the Outer Banks of North Carolina that could include stops at the first English settlements in America, pirate haunts, islands with wild pony herds, even a NASA launch facility.

    In Charleston, be sure to visit some of the plantations along the Ashley River Road, Fort Sumter, and Patriots Point. Also be sure to check with the Visitors Center to see if there are any Home Tours while you are there.

    Highlights of a trip back to New York by a more inland route would include Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Shenandoah National Park, Washington DC,, and the Delaware Water Gap.


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    Thanks, AZBuck, so great stuff there to check out :)

    How does Charleston compare with, say, Hilton Head, as a southern base? We don't like tourist traps with multiple burger joints and amusements as a base, so want to stay clear of these. We prefer scenic, coastal, upscale resorts :)



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    Default I'd Still Go to Charleston

    While Hilton Head would be closer to your definition of a "scenic, coastal, upscale resort" and would allow you access to both Savannah GA and Charleston SC, I think I'd still try to base myself nearer to Charleston for the number of things to see and do there. My wife and I spent a week there a few years ago and we rented a condo in a resort south of town on Seabrook Island. Similar resorts exist on Kiawah Island. Try a web search on 'vacation rental Seabrook Island' and for Kiawah Island as well and see if you can't find something to fill your needs. I think it would also end up saving you some money as well.


  5. Default Flying into New York - then where?


    We're family of four (2 teenage kids) from UK who have visited USA on vacation each year for the last ten years.

    We have an option of a good deal on flights at the end of June to NYC and would be keen to take that up but not sure where we should go from there. We plan to take about 20 days and then back to NYC for flying home. Vacation will be mixture of travelling, sightseeing, outlet shopping, R&R - using hotels on route plus a couple of one week 'bases'.

    We were thinking of something like the following, to fit in with perhaps renting a house or apartment as bases for local roadtrips (two individual weeks Sat->Sat).

    3 days in NYC + 2 days 'on-the-road' + 1 week base + 1 week different base + 2 days 'on-the-road'.

    Problem is that I don't know what area we should go to. We would prefer the two 'bases' to be sunny and coastal, in areas with plenty of things to do.

    We have previously visited the following areas and would prefer to go somewhere new.

    New England (Boston, Mass, Ver, NH, Maine)
    Cape Cod
    NJ coast and as far south as Washington DC
    West Coast (SF, LA, LV, GC)
    Florida (all over)

    Thanks for any suggestions :)

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