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    Hello RTA users,
    Need some suggestions, ideas, insights, to dos, and not to dos.. We are a family of 4 heading to Seattle and renting a motorhome for a 2 week trip on the 4th of March. We plan on heading to Portland and visiting relatives there for a day. We then are planning on heading to the coast and heading south and eventually ending up in Sacramento for a visit with some more relatives. I know pretty vague. Then possibly heading back more centrally through Oregon and Washington? So my questions and concerns are.

    How are the roads during this time of year? Any areas to absolutely avoid?
    Would it be better to just stick to the coast and take our time and then just hit I 5 back?
    What are some don't miss areas? And some skip it areas? I know the weather won't be the best this time of year..

    Thanks in advance,

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    Quote Originally Posted by enstar View Post
    What are some don't miss areas?
    Just before you get to Sacramento, why not stop by near Calistoga and visit this little gem.

    And if the four include younger members of the family, they will probably love the animals as well.


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    I've driven the west coast from Vancouver to Tijuana. It's incredibly curvy once you pass Eureka, CA; stick to US-101 and you should be OK. If you're going to Sacramento, why not go to San Francisco. Drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and see one of the most enchanting cities in the world.

    You're also heading through some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Because you have a camper, you are well equipped for staying in national parks.

    Here's a provisional itinerary:

    Olympic National Park
    Portland, Oregon
    Redwoods National Park
    San Francisco, California
    Sacramento, California
    Lassen Volcanic National park
    Crater Lake National Park
    Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument
    Seattle, Washington

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    Default to early to go?

    Thanks for the suggestions on things to see, but I have some concerns about snow conditions and park openings. Such as Lassen Volcanic National park which seems to be closed or at least open on a very limited basis during the time frame we will be travelling also Crater lake national park seems to be the same.. Being from Alaska the snow doesn't concern me as much as the limited access to the parks.. I know the time of the year isn't the best for seeing as much as possible but it is spring break for the children and we have relatives in the area we haven't seen in a while... I guess maybe just taking our time driving down the coast and heading to San Fran, then to Sacramento and returning to Seattle on I-5 would be good?? Or a week driving the coast and maybe heading up the interior??? Thanks for any suggestions...


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