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  1. Default Two College friends looks for 3 week Road trip! Need help.

    Hey guys, my names RJ and I'm from Illinois. My buddy and I are both in college and ever since we were young we've always wanted to take a extended road trip across the west to really see what the country is about. We would like to leave sometime in early to mid July and take 3 weeks and really be nomadic, and take what comes. I work at a fitness gym so I talk to all types of life about what to expect on the road, but I've came here looking for expertise from you guys.

    We'll both be 21 at the time of the trip and hope to have atleast 2,000 apiece(which I think is a good amount for 3 weeks. If anyone suggests other please feel free to do so). I've been inspired to really see the country as a result of my readings by Jack Kerouac in 'On the Road', John Steinbecks 'Travels with Charley' and John Krakukers 'Into the Wild' and truly feel compelled to see this country before a career and life grab hold of me. I want to see whats left of the desolated landscape, to drive through the desert with the windows down, to really see this country for what it is. I understand there is many setbacks and trials that can happen for an extended period such as ours. But I have my parents support as well as my Boss(who is giving my 200 bucks for the trip!) as does my friend. We plan on being cautious where we go but to really give ourselves a treat to this great and vast country.

    We, as optimistic as we are, would like to take scenic routes all over and get to Portland, Oregon, New Mexico, California wine fields, Grand Canyon, Salton Sea and Slab City, California among others. We understand this is a long journey and much money, but I believe it can and will be done. We are really excited about this trip and the power of being on the road and truely experiencing life and this great country as it stands.

    I would greatly appreciate any comments on other places to visit, advice for us first time road trippers among anything else(heck, Best wishes are welcome too!).



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    Default Congrats

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you're in excellent shape. I think you've got enough money and enough time to enjoy yourself and really get out there.

    Really, the only thing I would caution against, is going out there expecting to find what you've read in works of fiction. Books like the ones you've referenced can be great for inspiration to get out on the road, but they can also build up expectations that don't match reality. Get out on the road, find your own adventure, and you really can't go wrong.

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    Thanks for the advice! I really can't wait.

    The books were all actual works of non-fiction. Jack Kerouac based On the Road of his own travels coast to coast in the 50's with friends, searching for true meaning and experience. This is when the Beatnik movement really got into place. John Steinbeck traveled around the country in the RV with his dog Charley and Chris Mccandless(which Into the Wild is about) hitchhiked all around the United States and made his way up to Alaksa in the early 90's. I do recommend you give these books a shot. Excellent reading material.

    Thanks for everything. I was orignally worried the money would be a little tight but I'm glad 4,000 between the two of us should be suitable.
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