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    Me and my girlfriend would like to make a roadtrip from Oregon to Los Angeles (app. 900miles). Can we manage this by car in say two or three weeks?
    Some questions:

    - Do we need to arrive in Washington DC (we're from Belgium, Europe) or is it possible to arrive directly in Oregon state?

    - Has anyone done this roadtrip? Please enlighten us with as much info as you can possibly give: fuel costs, nice pittstops, sightseeing tips, etc...
    We really want to see Oregon, San Fran, Las Vegas and LA

    - any advice on cheap motels and possible campingareas would be great!

    Thanks a million!!!

    Anthony & Dorien.
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Why would you need to arrive in Washington DC first? I believe there may be a direct flight or two from Portland to Europe, although its entirely possible that you'd have a lay over somewhere either at a hub in the US (like New York, DC, Chicago or Atlanta) or in Europe (London, Paris, Frankfurt). You'll just have to figure out what your flight options are.

    Portland to LA could be done in 2 days, so if you've got 2-3 weeks to work with, you've got lots of time and options. There are hundreds of threads about traveling both in Oregon/Northern California and California/Vegas/Grand Canyon areas. I'd really start simply by looking around and searching this forum so you get a basic understanding of what you can see and do.

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