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    Default 2 weeks road trip - how reallistic?

    Hi all,

    We are a couple from UK and for me, this is my first visit to USA. We are planning 2 weeks holiday/road trip and already found lots of useful info from this great website. We are trying to see quite a lot and sort of planned our trip and would appreciate it if you look at the itinerary and advise how realistic it is and any must see/do ideas. I'm fully aware that we won't be able to see everything, hope to be back for more another time.. Any advice/recommendations are appreciated

    Here we go:
    Day 1 (wed -night) - arrive at LA from London
    Day 2/3 (thu/fri) - LA
    Day 4 (sat) - driving to Williams via Mojave Desert
    Day 5 (sun) - early (5am) start, Grand Canyon to see sunrise, then Vegas
    via Hoover Dam
    Day 6/7/8/9 (sun>thu) - Las Vegas (trying to have a bit of holiday!)
    Day 10 (fri) - driving through Death Valley and staying overnight in Lee Vining (including Bodie)
    Day 11 (sat) - Yosemite and on to San Francisco
    Day 12 (sun) - San Francisco
    Day 13 (mon) - San Francisco then drive to Monterey / Carmel by the Sea on the 101
    Day 14 (Tue) - Drive down Highway 1 to Santa Monica
    Day 15 (Wed) - Santa monica > LA > evening flight home.

    Many thanks in advance for your feedback

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    Default timing

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I'd say your basic outline is solid except for one potential problem. Tioga Pass typically doesn't open until late May or June, so depending upon when exactly you are traveling, you might have to rework your Lee Vining to Yosemite Plans.

    I would also think about adding more time at the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. while its possible to do things as you've listed, I think you'll feel quite rushed. I'd consider spending a second night in Williams after the Grand Canyon, and a town like Mariposa after Yosemite and continue onto Vegas/SF the next morning. I'd say this is especially important after Grand Canyon, since you'll be coming off a long driving day from LA to Williams and you want to see Hoover Dam (meaning you'd really have to cut your time at the Canyon short to get to the Dam in daylight).

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    Default Trade off.

    I agree with Michael about having a bit more time at the G/C and Yosemite. With the time you have and Tioga being shut I think you would be best off heading around the southern end of the Sierra's and get as close to Yosemite as you can for the night which will probably be somewhere between Bakersfield and Fresno after driving across Death valley. I think trying to visit Bodie after exploring D/V from Vegas was a bit ambitious anyway.

    I would certainly trade a day in Vegas for a full day at the G/C.

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    Thank you so much!! I thought our plan was a bit too much!! We are in California at the end of April so Tioga Pass will definately be closed! Will have to re-think about our time in Las Vegas..
    Few things I would like to check: what is the best way to drive towards Death Valley? My husband suggests route 95 and the second option is to drive via Pahrump.. Also, we think about staying overnight near Yosemite.. Michael suggested Mariposa but what about Oakhurst? I do apologise in advance for asking too many questions but we've already made huge mistake so dont want to have any more surpises...!! Thanks again for your advice!

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    Default Keep asking.


    do apologise in advance for asking too many questions but we've already made huge mistake so dont want to have any more surpises...!! Thanks again
    No need to apologise, this is what the forums are here for.

    The 160 to Pahrump and the Ash Meadows /State line road to Death valley junction is the popular choice and the locals way across. This gets you to the 190 across the Valley where you will pass viewpoints of this amazing landscape and go through Furnace Creek where nearby is Badwater, the lowest point in the States. Stop at the Inn and ranch for a wander around a even a bite to eat.As you continue to Stovepipe Wells you will pass the Sand dunes.

    You will get accommodation at Oakhurst and it is well situated. Not much going on there but it's a nice enough town with diners if you arrive for an evening meal.

    The great thing about Yosemite is even though the high ground will still be closed the waterfalls will be flowing which will be a great spectacle.

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