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    Default Fl - Tx roundtrip. suggestions

    i have a friend coming to visit at the end of march and we are going to drive up to Dallas to see a friend of mine. we are driving from FL, through AL, MS, LA and into TX. i may drive up to OK to see the in-laws, so will possibly be returning via AK.

    we are going to be travelling in full highland dress(kilt etc.) in order to promote communications! we want to go off the beaten track and avoid tourist traps/big cities.
    we leave on sunday 22nd march and have to be back for sat/sun 28th/29th.

    all suggestions will be gratefully received

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    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums.

    I just had a look at the mapping and from central Florida to Dallas and including Oky would put your round trip in the region of 2700 miles. Generally we recommend covering 500-550 miles a day which puts you on the road for 9-10 hours a day with short stops for food,gas etc. This pretty much makes it a five day trip plus how ever much time you want to spend with your mate in Dallas and family in Oky, so if you want to do both it won't allow hardly any time for going off the beaten track.

    Here's a link of places to R@R just off every Interstate and this link is an A-Z list of things in every state.

    Have a look at those and search the forums for now and someone who knows the area better than I may come along with more info.

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