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    Starting on the 24th of March, myself and four life long friends (just the fellas on this trip) are heading to a concert in L.A. We're all mid 20 somethings and would appriciate any fun suggestions on the way. I have a book where i had marked some things that looked interesting on the way, but always know there are some good stops you would only know through experience. The concert is on Saturday March 28th so we have some time to make a few stops. We are traveling in a tour bus (not the huge kind, but it has bunks and plenty of moving around space), so we're traveling night and day. Only making overnight stops in Lake Havasu, AZ/ San Bernardino, Ca/ Las Vegas, NV. Coming back by April 2nd. Its not a really long period of time, but we always have been good at making the best of time we have. Please get back to me with any suggestions you have to make the trip as wild as possible.


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    I'm sorry, but I don't think you'll find many people here who think your driving all day and all night plan is a very smart one. You are looking at 40+ hours of driving to cover this distance, and even if you are rotating drivers, there is just no way that you will be getting enough quality sleep over that time in a moving car to make this safely. Even if you get beyond the safety aspect, you've got the fact, that you'd be seriously shifting your sleep patterns, making it very unlikely that all of you would be in much condition to enjoy yourself once you get to your destination. Being in your 20s can help, but adrenaline can only help you so far, before your body just crashes, and that's really what it sounds like you're heading for.

    The thing is, you've got enough time where you don't have to try and kill yourself to make your trip happen. If you planned two overnight stops, you'd still be driving for 12-13 hours a day, but then you could stop for the evening, get out of the bus, enjoy yourself, and be in a much better condition once you arrive in California. You'd have 4 nights/3 days to have fun in California and Las Vegas, before sprinting back to Chicago.

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    We will be taking plenty of time to sleep. There are beds in the RV. We have plenty of pit stop destinations planned and we are flexible to stopping anywhere for the evening. I do want to do most of my traveling during the day though, so i can capture as many sites as possible. We have driven for long distances before and to tell you the truth, I don't our sleeping habits are all that regular anyway. Thank you for the tip though. It does make sense to make a stop on the way and we had planned at least one. Any suggestions on a location to stay the night?

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