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    Hi all.

    It's my 50th birthday at the end of May and I'm planning to come over from the UK to spend about 10 days on a trip from San Fransico to Los Angeles (or vice versa).

    I want to visit Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley & Yosemite on the trip. As I'm coming over from the UK, I want to make sure that I get the best out of the trip.

    Can anyone suggest an itinerary for the trip and routes / highways to use?

    Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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    Default Very popular.

    Hi Fatfish, welcome to R.T.A.

    Well it's a very popular trip and you can find a lot of info on the forums of different things that might appeal to you. Here's some of our favorites.

    The main part of your routing could be decided on by the state of the Tioga pass which might still be closed due to snow. This is the 120 out of Yosemite valley that crosses the Sierra's and is a popular and most scenic drive on the way to Death valley and Grand canyon. Although you might want to consider Route 1 coast road between L/A and S/F through Big Sur which is also very scenic. Lots of options but it really is a win, win situation in this area it's fantastic and you are in for a real birthday treat !

    Does your 10 days include time spent in S/F and L/A or have you got that time in between?

    Have a look at some links to gather ideas and as you have more questions just ask.

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    Thanks for the link.

    I had read quite a few of them. The trouble for me is that there is so much to see, choosing the best things is so difficult.

    I see that Tioga Pass normally opens end May / early June and we could delay the trip until early June if thats the best route.

    We will be spending Night 1 & 2 in San Francisco and probably arrive in LA on day 9.

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    Default Decisions, decisions.

    Yeah, it's like being a kid in a sweet shop !

    It's certainly a popular route, but you can still visit Yosemite Valley and either head South around the Sierra's or the Sonora pass is a lovely route that often opens earlier than Tioga. that is just to the North. Here are the recent opening and closing dates for various passes.

    These are from the official site and includes Glacier point openings as well which offers fantastic views.

    You will be able to visit the places you have mentioned by way of S/F > Yosemite > D/V> Vegas> G/C and back to L/A with 7 days travelling in between.

    Providing the Tioga is open I would take the 120 to Lee vining and head South on 395 and across D/V on the 190 and from D/V junction to Pahrump and 160 to Vegas. This will take you past the sand dunes near Stovepipe Wells and through Furnace creek and a possible short detour to Badwater, the lowest point in the USA. Both places offer accommodations if you wanted to stay in the park. This is a fascinating landscape and there are some view points along the way.

    From Vegas you will go over the Hoover Dam to Kingman and onto I-40 to Williams and enter the Grand canyon on the 64. At Kingman you could hop on part of the original route '66 through Seligman.

    I would drive along Desert view drive in G/C and leave by the East entrance to the 89 and head south to Flagstaff. There are some great views along that route and is a big part of the experience.

    I-40 and I-15 will take you a long day back to L/A but if you wanted to overnight you could go through Twenty nine palms and Joshua tree.

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