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  1. Default A round trip to Cajun Country,about it!

    Has anybody done this......visiting the WHOLE cajun country enchilada by rv?
    I'd like to start after I leave Carrabelle,Fl.If you did it,which route did you take or recommend to complete the area?Did you find some interesting CG
    along the way?friendly,family type restaurants?I'd like to stay in a place and them take day trips to points of interest.Have you seen any hiking trails?.
    If more info is needed,I'll be happy to reply........many thanks.nash.

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    Default clarification

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm not sure exactly what you mean by the "whole cajun country." This could really mean quite a few things, so it would help if you could be a little more specific about what you are thinking and how long you have for your adventure.

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    Default Define Cajun

    Like Michael, I'm not sure what you mean by "the WHOLE cajun country" or why the panhandle of Florida would be included. My understanding of Cajun is that it is the area settled by the refugees from Acadia and is primarily in southern Louisiana. With that in mind, it seems as though what you have in mind is a trip along the Gulf to explore the country and heritage. Places that should certainly be on your itinerary would include the Creole Nature Trail and the Rendez-vous des Cajuns in Eunice, LA. Although it's not strictly "Cajun" the Gulf Islands National Seashore should be on your list as well. As for finding the best restaurants, my statndard advice applies: Inquire locally. There is no way that any web site is going to know about each and every eating establishment or be able to rank them in a truly meaningful way. The only way to find what you're looking for is to ask the locals where they would eat if they were looking for the that type of restaurant.

  4. Default A round trip to Cajun Co.......

    I'm very sorry if the posting was confusing,it wasn't my intention at all!
    I'd like to apologize.I was refering to the cajun county I take it.......
    Carrabelle ,Fl simply as a point of reference.....I was planning to travel,maybe
    Baton Rouge to Lake Charles then Abbeeville and back again to Baton Rouge.
    I thought that I could get some other helpful information.......
    Your point is well taken when in the area I'll inquire about restaurants ......
    Thanks so very much for your replies..........nash.

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