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    Hi everyone,
    Need some help with where I can get info on a trip from Toronto/Buffalo to San Fran(Walnut Creek,Ca)my brother in law lives there,and are plan is to drop our truck & trailer there and use our bikes for a week around Cali.

    So what will the weather from Chicago say onward around April 1st.

    1, Is pulling a trailer with 2 cruisers on it nuts at that time of year?
    2.How long approx will it take at that time of year
    3.Will the driving be so difficult that we'd be burned for another week of riding then home?
    4.Cost for fuel approx?
    5.Somebody told me you can leave your trailer/truck at firehalls for safe keeping??? looks to be an almost straight southish west trip on I-80

    Plan B. Take one day and drive down to Florida ride around come sorta

    Thanks so much Doug The Dawg

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    Default Timing is Always Critical

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    When you travel and how long you allow yourself for the journey are always two of the biggest variables involved in any RoadTrip planning. In your case you'll have to allow both for weather and the extra time needed to pull the trailer and take your side trips. No one can tell you what the weather will be like a month ahead of time, only that there is at least some chance that you will encounter adverse conditions somewhere along the way. So you'll just have to build in an extra day or two to your planning just in case. I-80 from Chicago to San Francisco is absolutely your best bet. The Interstates in general are the flattest, straightest, and best maintained roads in any given area, and I-80 in particular is a major tans-continental route that will be kept open if at all possible.

    Normally, I'd say that 4 days would be adequate for the Chicago-San Francisco run, but if your rig slows you down a bit, or if you'll want to take the bikes out for spins on the way, or if you just want to arrive refreshed and ready to enjoy the west coast, then 5 days with plenty of short breaks would be in order. I've never heard of fire stations allowing parking on their property, and in fact I'd be a bit dubious that they would want extraneous equipment in the way, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to ask there and at the local police station what arrangements could be made. If nothing else, you'll have alerted a few more eyes to the fact that your stuff is out there and let them see who it belongs to.

    As for fuel costs, you can use the Fuel Cost Calculator at the left and plug in your actual mpg and estimated miles. Gas in the U.S. is currently running at around $2/gal, but is rising fairly rapidly now and the summer driving season hasn't even started yet.


  3. Default Thank you

    Thanks for your input.
    I had assumed with both of us driving 3 1/2 days,maybe that's not enough?I think getting there in one piece and enough energy to ride for a week or so will be the plan ,so side trips are unlikely, but never say never.As for the parking your right it sounds odd and was a passing comment to me, so I will look into it ,and let everyone know the outcome,as I'm sure it would be valuable info if it is in fact true.

    Any other input from anyone is always appreciated.Thanks again.

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    Default speed stress

    Sorry, but I find it extremely unlikely that you'd be in any shape to be riding for a week after a 3.5 day trip to drive from Buffalo to San Francisco. Even over four full days, you'd have to be on the road for 12 hours a day to cover the 2700 miles (assuming you can maintain 70mph-ish speeds with a trailer). That's a pretty taxing pace, and while with 2 drivers, you could probably cover the distance, but I really don't think you'll want to spend any more time on the road for a day or 2 afterwards at that pace. I will say that you will likely be in a much better condition to continue on a motorcycle tour if you break this up over 5 days, and stop a few times each day. They don't have to be major stops, but even stopping for a hour here and there will help. I think you'll be much more rested and ready to enjoy the road then if you take this as a speed run sprint.

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