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  1. Default Roadtrip Los Angeles to NYC - very scenic route!

    Hello, arriving in LAX in a few days and have rented a car for our roadtrip. We arrive on Feb 22nd and leave JFK on March 23rd but dropping off the car on March 20th to have a few days to spend in NYC.

    Although we have start and finish destinations, we haven[t had a chance to properly plan our route as we have been traveling for the last 6 months. The places we really want to see are Vegas, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone, Yosemite and possibly Florida if we can make it! Also have family I would like to try and visit in Seattle WA, Lafayette LA, Raton NM and possibly Cumming Georgia. A must-see is Colorado Springs.

    We've started looking at routes on Google and it seems that it is not all achievable in 4 weeks and looks very messy! Here it is USA Drive

    Is this achievable? There are 2 of us in the car, but only myself driving as the second 21-24 year old insurance surcharge was too high - but it could still be possible to have both of us driving if necessary. If we need to, we could leave out Seattle, Georgia and Florida to cut down the route length.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    but it could still be possible to have both of us driving if necessary
    I'm going to start with the one really bad idea you've mentioned.

    Do you have a large personal wealth where you could afford to pay potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars for any and all damages to the rental car, someone elses car, and medical bills if you get into an accident? That's exactly what you'd be facing if you decided that having an unnamed driver operating the rental car. You'd be voiding your rental contract, and essentially driving a stolen car. The only way I would consider using "if necessary" in this case, is if the person authorized to drive the car needs to be driven to the hospital.

    . If we need to, we could leave out Seattle, Georgia and Florida to cut down the route length.
    You've got a big trip planned, but not one that's totally infeasable over 4 weeks. I will say that you've left Yellowstone off of your map if that is important. I guess what it will really come down to is how much time do you want to spend in the places you've listed. To do all of them, you probably wouldn't have time to spend more than a night in any one place.

    If you want to spend more time than that exploring, then I think something needs to go, and Seattle to me really does look like the biggest outlier. If you simply remove that destination from your map, you save 3000 miles, which is a whopping 30% of your overall trip. I think what I would do is work up from LA through Vegas and Utah toward Yellowstone, go across to the Black Hills, back south through Colorado and New Mexico and then swing east across the south. That should be far more managable over a month.

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    Thanks for your quick reply. Sorry for the confusion - I didn't mean we would have both people driving and only one insured, I meant that over the next couple of days when we consider our route, we will see if it is plausible for only one driver and if not we will pay the extra insurance for the 2nd driver when we pick up the car!

    Thanks for your advice, we have revised our map here and for the time being have removed Seattle and Florida and have added San Francisco and Yosemite. It's looking much more feasible now!

    Do you have any other tips about what to see on the way or would only take a short detour that we have obviously missed? Also, if we bypassed Georgia is there any better route from New Orleans to Niagara Falls?

    Many thanks

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    One small problem with your map is that you are going to the north rim of the Grand Canyon, which is closed in March. You'll have to go to the south rim, but that's a pretty easy fix. I also notice that you still aren't including Yellowstone. If it were me, I wouldn't leave out Yellowstone, especially when it would give me a chance to go up through Utah, with its dozens of National Parks.

    I will also say that I probably wouldn't take the route you've listed between Mount Rushmore and Louisiana. As I mentioned, I'd probably come back down through Colorado myself (having gone north through Utah), but if you wanted to go farther east, I'd follow the Mississippi River south instead of just going south through the plains and farmlands that your current path uses.

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    Thanks a lot for all your help. We managed to forget Yellowstone! What do you think of this new route particularly from Raton, NM down to Louisianna?

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