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    I am driving from SB to Daytona Beach Florida for Bike Week, leaving Monday March 1st and tentatively arriving Thursday morning the 5th. I also posted for a rideshare in the share the gas section, so I could get there quicker, but either way I intend the trip TO there to be a bonzai poker run straight down the I-10, and then after the races, and a week or two in the florida sun I plan to leisurely meander my way back to SoCal through the deep south. I'll be driving my FJ Cruiser with my Aprilia Tuono on a hitch rack on the back, so I'd hope to not only see all the standard sights and sounds of a drive through the south, but I'd also like to know of any fun rides or motohead get togethers along the way.

    Never been to New Orleans, cannot WAIT! Might leave my car at a buddy's house there and ride up the 55 to Graceland if it's nice, Alamo, Grand Canyon etc. Any advice for a bit of a thrillseeker would be appreciated! thanks, Jonathan.

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    Making the drive home with some time to spare would allow you to occasionally take the bike down from its perch and explore some scenic backroads that you probably won't get to see on the Speed Run east. Two example around New Orleans would be to take the Blues Highway rather than I-55 north to Memphis, and then heading west take some time to explore the Creole Nature Trail. You could even take a moderate detour south in Texas to Big Bend National Park.

  3. Default Blues Highway

    Hey thanks, that NatGeo link was pretty neat, I think I'll have to try it. Any road traveled by a man named Sterling Plumpp must be one cool road!

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