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    Please give me the best routes to travel with a 29' RV from Waco Texas to Fort Davis then on to Big Bend. We prefer scenic routes if at all possible. Thanks.

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    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums,

    If you are doing the trip in a day then 84/16/190 to I-10 is your direct route and in an R.V will probably take in the region of 8 1/2 hours to cover the 467 miles to Fort Davis with short stops for food and fuel.

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    Generally, when you're driving a larger and heavier than normal vehicle, you want to stay on roads that require the least stop & go, shallowest grades, and give others the best chance of passing you. Clearly that means Interstates or other multi-lane, controlled access highways. So from Waco to Fort Davis, you should take I-35 and I-10 with TX-1604 around the northern edge of San Antonio and TX-17 from Balmorhea down to Fort Davis. For the run down to Big Bend there are no freeways available and so TX-118/US-90/US-385 offer the best choice into the park, although if you're headed for its western edge just stay with TX-118 all the way.


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