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    I am thinking of planning a planning road trip for this summer, probably the end of June, beginning of July. I was planning on maybe 3 weeks, but there is a lot I want to see so I'm not sure if that would be enough time-- looking for advice! I really don't want to feel too rushed.
    What I would like to see (advice on if it's worth it):

    Begin in NY
    Mt Rushmore
    Boulder, CO
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Grand Teton NP
    Yellowstone NP
    Glacier NP (I heard the road to get here was 50 miles of incredibly narrow road, which would strongly deter me from visiting)
    Mt Rainier NP
    Seattle Area
    Olympic NP
    California Coast (San Francisco, San Diego, Muir)
    Lake Tahoe
    Yosemite NP
    Grand Canyon

    If I had to I could probably book it back to NY after that... if I thought I would have time I could definitely make a lot more stops. But those are the main things I would want to see. Any ideas? Things to cut/add? Enough time to actually enjoy myself and not feel rushed?
    Thanks for any advice... I'm 24, this would be my first time driving cross country but I've always wanted to do it.

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    Default That's a lotta Road Trippin'

    Hi Carley,

    I've made no attempt to quantify the distance you're considering traveling, but it immediately strikes me as exactly a lot of miles. It seems likely that mapping software or good old pencil and pad would prove that out. If your goal is to see some sights, it seems that you will need to shorten your list. Probably the best way to do that is to eliminate the whole Pacific Coast from the itinerary.

    Oh, and if narrow two lane roads concern you, you will need to eliminate Glacier NP. The Going-To-The-Sun Road is an amazing drive, but it's narrow, winding, and the drop-offs are huge. If instead it's something you could stomach as a passenger, Glacier NP offers concessionaire's bus rides across the GTTSR.


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    Default A lot in a little

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I agree with Foy, I think that you could probably stop at all of these places in 3 weeks, but I really think you'd have a hard time doing it without feeling rushed.

    Keep in that even on a direct route, you need almost a week to drive cross country each direction, driving hard without extra stops. You've got a more zig-zagged route, plus you'd be driving down the pacific coast, and you've listed 15 places that you'd want to stop. Really, the math doesn't work. Of all the places you've listed, you'd have to spend less than a day at most of them just to fit everything in. Now, there isn't necessarily anything wrong with that, but when you say you don't want to be rushed, I think you'd probably want to either cut some things out or plan to spend another week on the road.

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