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    Hey everyone!Im planning on driving my 1987 23' motorhome rt. 80,90 east to west in april.Can anyone tell me how to avoid high winds and steep grades?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Interstates are built to standards that require relatively gradual slopes, so that will be your best bet to avoid steep grades. Other than watching weather forecasts and simply not driving on days with high winds, I'm not sure what to tell you about avoiding wind.

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    Hello joe,
    I'm with MM--in the wide open stretches of the Great Plains, the Mountain West, and the Great Basin, there's nowhere to hide from the winds. Hopefully you've got plenty of time to make the crossing and can just lay back on windy days.

    I-80 across Wyoming has fewer grades but remains at fairly high elevation for +400 miles from Cheyenne to well within Utah, so you'd still be exposed to winds. Regular correspondents here have noted one particular I-80 grade can be avoided by taking a loop on US 30 west of Laramie. Unless I was running from higher elevation snow, I don't think I'd be too concerned with doing that. As MM says, the grades are almost always fairly gentle.

    I do recommend bypassing Salt Lake City proper by taking I-84 west at Echo Junction just inside UT. It'll take you down to Ogden, then go south on I-15 to the I-215 loop and take it westerly around to I-80 near the SLC airport. Doing that will avoid a fairly high pass, Parley's Summit, just east of SLC, and will also avoid SLC proper, which I-80 goes right through the heart of. Try to avoid even the I-15 south segment from Ogden to I-215 during the morning rush hour. But hey, you're from Boston, what am I telling you about traffic?

    From SLC to California, I-80 is pretty much wide open desert with a few low passes through mountain ranges. The big climb is west of Reno when you must cross the Sierra. No way to avoid that without going hundreds of miles out of your way.

    Travel safe and enjoy the Road Trip!


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