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    Default Gresham, OR to Las Vegas

    So we have already decided on our route... we're going to take 26 to 97 to 39 to 395 to 95. My roommates have taken the route before and says its the quickest, what I want to know is if there are any historical markers or places of interest along this route after mt. hood. Any suggestions would be great thanks!

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    Default lots of them

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It would surprise me a little bit if that route is actually quicker than taking the Interstates, simply because there are quite a few places where you wouldn't be able to maintain highway speed. It is a shorter route, so I guess that could make up for it.

    There are lots of things I'm seeing just by taking a quick look at the map. Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Crater Lake, Lava Beds National Monument are very near your route. Lake Tahoe is also nearby, depending upon when you cut over to US-95, and of course you could continue on US-395 even farther south and stop at places like Mono Lake and Death Valley on your way.

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    Default Headin' to Vegas

    That is the route that we also take from the Portland area to Vegas - driven it quite a few times. Here are some ideas along the way, depending on how much time you have:

    * Kayaking on the Deschutes @ SunRiver, OR
    * The Brew Pub in Downtown Bend
    * High Desert Museum just south of Bend
    * Klamath Lake
    * The US Mint in Carson City
    * Death Valley National Park

    How far are you going on 395 before cutting over? Beautiful coming down through California - but snow until late!

    Carol White

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